Tech Round Up 22nd July 2017

Stuff collected in the last month. Mostly links (things to read/watch/listen to - if have time). And some random notes.
With headings: Cloud Backup, Microsoft, NetApp, Security, Swagger

Cloud Backup

An article about cloud backups that touches on insider threat:


And here’s a PowerShell script that downloads all the eBooks for you:
PS There are 800+ MB of PDFs.


Get cloud agility for your data on-premises and in the cloud:

Tech ONTAP Podcasts:

Tech ONTAP Podcasts 88,89,91,92,94,96,97:

Some new Technical Reports (TRs) and NetApp Verified Architecture Documents (NVAs):

Q: Are v2 7-Mode and v2 C-Mode licenses the same?
A: “In Data ONTAP 8.2, the only new license key required to build a cluster is a Cluster Base Key... For licensable ONTAP features, the same license keys used for 7-Mode are also used for clustered ONTAP 8.2.”*
*Slightly old information.

Q: How to check if SnapLock is on a 7-Mode System?
Options check:
licensed_feature.snaplock.enable off      
licensed_feature.snaplock_enterprise.enable off
Also check the follow for snaplock options:
aggr status -v
vol options vol_name

New @ thePub:

Indirect I/O Monitoring: Node-Local stats:
workload_detail_volume counter object - gives the counts and average wait time for visits to the cluster interconnect to do indirect I/O.
workload_volume counter object - if this gives non-zero values for volume not on the node, these ops are indirect.
workload_queue_nblade: ... :delay_cluster_interconnect_wait_time

Indirect I/O Monitoring: ClusterShell QoS Statistics:
qos statistics volume latency show - look for any latency on ‘Cluster’.


Image: Beware of ex-admins or admins going rogue!

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