Cloud Business Unit: The Best Kept Secret at NetApp?

NetApp Cloud Suite of Excellent Products

- NetApp Private Storage (NPS)
- AltaVault Cloud
- NetApp Data Fabric Solutions for Cloud Backup
- Fabric Pools
- ONTAP Cloud (* + **)
- Cloud Sync
- Cloud Control for Office 365
- NFSaaS (NFS as a Service)
- Cloud Orchestration (***)

*ONTAP Cloud is better than free on AWS EBS! (Due to storage efficiencies possible with ONTAP)
**ONTAP Cloud was released to the Hyperscalers three years ago in 2014 (first ported to the Hyperscalers in 2013). Enterprises run mission-critical workloads on it.

We Live in a Multi-Cloud World

And NetApp has key strategic partnerships with the Cloud Players.

Image: NetApp’s Key Strategic Partnerships with the Cloud Players

Many Customers

Check with your sales representative for names/references of Enterprise customers using NetApp Cloud Suite Products.

Image: Some Enterprise customers using: ONTAP Cloud, NPS, Alta Vault, Cloud Sync, Cloud Control (picture intentionally blurred)


  1. I have considered using a cloud based system to backup my Netapp data into the cloud. Do you have any recommendations that would be cost effective and yet reliable? I am not talking a Business Continuance model here but just flat backup with probably once in a blue moon restore of Cifs data and NFS/VMware volumes.

    1. Hello Patrick, your NetApp/Partner Systems Engineer is the correct person to consult you on this. I think you'd probably be looking at a Data Fabric Solution, check out these two PDFs (one with SnapCenter, one without):
      Note: You might need to login to the NetApp site to view these.

      FabricPool is a very nice solution in ONTAP 9.2, it does require that your live data is on SSD aggregates though. Check out 'Highlight 3' in this post:

      Cheers, VC


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