Tech Round Up 26th September 2017

Stuff collected in the last month or so. Mostly links (things to read). And some random notes.
With headings:
- Microsoft
- NetApp
- NetApp Customer Stories
- NetApp OCI 7.3.1
- NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcasts
- NetApp The Pub
- NetApp TRs (New)
- Sublime Text
- Veeam
- VMware


*Loads of other results too - Google “VMware now available on AWS”




Three new E-Series systems:
They provide:
- World’s best price/performance
- New host interfaces, including 100Gb NVMe over InfiniBand
- New drive support
- Improvements for Splunk environments

NetApp Customer Stories

More Good Stuff:
 DARZ GmbH (Service Provider): SolidFire; Private Cloud Storage; StorageGRID Webscale Object Storage
NetApp IT (Technology): AltaVault; StorageGRID Webscale
TechnologyOne (Technology): AltaVault; FlexPod; Private Cloud Storage

NetApp OCI 7.3.1

New features include:
- Extended attributes on existing data sources
+ For Clustered Data ONTAP, we have added:
++ Compaction on a pool
++ Headroom utilization
++ Quality of Service Policy names and configuration
- Support for NetApp HCI.
- AWS Tags allow you to track meta data associated with EC2 or EBS instances. AWS attributes such as instance type will be coming soon.
- Expressions in time series widgets allow you to create on-the-fly metrics about how the device is behaving, e.g., IO density, other operations, etc.
- Additional configuration on a time series gives you the ability to add new time series in a data source, e.g., QTREE performance.
- Capacity as a time series is now available in the web UI.
- Licensed capacity extends to VMDKs: Customers will now be charged for EBS and Azure VHD capacity.

NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcasts

Note: I forgot to add this into last months ‘Tech Roundup’ so we start from 98!

NetApp The Pub

All new articles since the last ‘Tech Roundup’:

NetApp TRs (New)

Note: As I discover new NetApp TRs I’m updating the NetApp Technical Reports Catalogue: Index TR-4000 to latest (HTML Links Version) post.

Sublime Text

I usually use Notepad++ for composing my PowerShell scripts (prefer this to Windows PowerShell ISE). Then I happened to be watching someone using Sublime Text from and thought “that looks very nice, I’ll try it out” (still to try it out but haven’t forgotten).

Image: Sublime Text in action