ATTO Bridge Configuration Notes (for MetroCluster)

For completeness, a post on configuring the ATTO Bridge.


1) Download QuickNAV for MAC/Windows and ATTO Product Documentation from:

2) Download the required ATTO firmware from

3) Obtain ATTO Bridge names (must be unique within the MetroCluster) and IP Addressing.


1) Configure your laptop with an IP on the network used by the ATTO Bridges (easiest if you can plug a cable from your laptop to the management port on the ATTO Bridge).
2) Run QuickNAV

Image: Double-click QuickNAV3.6.exe to run the Windows Version

3) QuickNAV will find your ATTO Bridge. Use the QuickNAV utility to configure management IP addressing.
4) After QuickNAV reboots the ATTO Bridge (to apply the management IP address), click the link in QuickNAV to http://ATTO_Bridge_IP and complete the ATTO Bridge configuration in the ATTO ExpressNAV web interface.

Image: ATTO ExpressNAV side menu

5.1) Under ‘Fibre Channel’ configure the correct data rate for the Fibre Channel Ports (e.g. 16Gbps from ATTO 7500N to FC switch with 16Gbps ports)
5.2) Under ‘Fibre Channel’ set the bridge connection mode to PTP
6) Under ‘Time & Date’ set the Time/Date
7.1) Under ‘Bridge’ configure passwords
7.2) Under ‘Bridge’ configure unique name for the ATTO Bridge
8) Under ‘SNMP’ configure SNMP as required
9) Under ‘Firmware Update’ apply firmware as required