How to Setup Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V NetApp ONTAP Cluster Switches

Back in April I posted Setting up Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V Switches for NetApp ONTAP. At the time I didn’t have access to a NX3132Q-V so had to source my information from manuals. In this post I post the console output from a real-world NX3132Q-V basic setup (came with the correct NXOS 7.0(3)I4(1) from the factory). The output is necessarily abridged and some details are changed to anonymize the output.

Note: These are NetApp provided NX3132Q-V switches - provided for the purpose of NetApp ONTAP cluster network.

First thing to do is connect up the console cable to your laptop, open a suitable client to view the console output (like PuTTY) and power up the switch.

First prompt you’ll see:

Abort Auto Provisioning and continue with normal setup ?(yes/no)[n]: yes

System Admin Account Setup:

         ---- System Admin Account Setup ----

Do you want to enforce secure password standard (yes/no) [y]: yes

    Enter the password for "admin": ********
  Confirm the password for "admin": ********

Note: Password should contain characters from at least three of the following classes: lower case letters, upper case letters, digits and special characters.

Basic System Configuration Dialog:

         ---- Basic System Configuration Dialog VDC: 1 ----

This setup utility will guide you through the basic configuration of the system. Setup configures only enough connectivity for management of the system.


Press Enter at anytime to skip a dialog. Use ctrl-c at anytime to skip the remaining dialogs.

Would you like to enter the basic configuration dialog (yes/no): yes

  Create another login account (yes/no) [n]: no
  Configure read-only SNMP community string (yes/no) [n]: no
  Configure read-write SNMP community string (yes/no) [n]: no
  Enter the switch name: SWITCHNAME
  Continue with Out-of-band (mgmt0) management configuration? (yes/no) [y]: yes
    Mgmt0 IPv4 address: A.A.A.A
    Mgmt0 IPv4 netmask: N.N.N.N
  Configure the default gateway? (yes/no) [y]: yes
    IPv4 address of the default gateway: G.G.G.G
  Configure advanced IP options? (yes/no) [n]: no
  Enable the telnet service? (yes/no) [n]: no
  Enable the ssh service? (yes/no) [y]: yes
    Type of ssh key you would like to generate (dsa/rsa) [rsa]: rsa
    Number of rsa key bits 1024-2048 [1024]: 1024
  Configure the ntp server? (yes/no) [n]: no
  Configure default interface layer (L3/L2) [L2]: L2
  Configure default switchport interface state (shut/noshut) [noshut]: noshut
  Configure CoPP system profile (strict/moderate/lenient/dense) [strict]: strict

The following configuration will be applied:

  password strength-check
  switchname SWITCHNAME
vrf context management
ip route G.G.G.G
  no feature telnet
  ssh key rsa 1024 force
  feature ssh
  system default switchport
  no system default switchport shutdown
  copp profile strict
interface mgmt0
ip address A.A.A.A N.N.N.N
no shutdown

Would you like to edit the configuration? (yes/no) [n]: no
Use this configuration and save it? (yes/no) [y]: yes

Then login to the switch:

User Access Verification
SWITCHNAME login: admin
Password: ********

Check the version is correct:

SWITCHNAME# show version


  BIOS: version 04.24
  NXOS: version 7.0(3)I4(1)


The correct NX3132 RCF downloaded from the NetApp support site, needs to be applied. Here we download and apply the default RCF:

SWITCHNAME# copy tftp: bootflash: vrf management
Enter source filename: NX3132_RCF_v1.1_24p10g_26p40g.txt
Enter hostname for the tftp server: T.T.T.T
Trying to connect to tftp server......
Connection to Server Established.
TFTP get operation was successful
Copy complete, now saving to disk (please wait)...

SWITCHNAME# dir bootflash:
       8088    Jun 07 09:15:28 2018  NX3132_RCF_v1.1_24p10g_26p40g.txt

SWITCHNAME# copy bootflash:NX3132_RCF_v1.1_24p10g_26p40g.txt running-config


Copy complete.

Verify the config, copy to the startup config, then reboot the switch:

SWITCHNAME# show running-config
SWITCHNAME# copy running-config startup-config
This command will reboot the system. (y/n)?  [n] yes

If the RCF has been applied correctly, on reboot you will see (for the default RCF NX3132_RCF_v1.1_24p10g_26p40g.txt):

*  N3K NetApp Reference Configuration File (RCF) version 1.1-24p10g-26p40g (2016-08-23) *
*  40G ports 1/1 - 1/6 are configured as 4x10G ports 1/1-6/1-4.                         *
*                                                                                       *
*  Port 1 multiplexed H/W configuration options:                                        *
*    hardware profile front portmode qsfp      (40G H/W port 1/1 is active - default)   *
*    hardware profile front portmode sfp-plus  (10G H/W ports 1/1/1 - 1/1/4 are active) *
*    hardware profile front portmode qsfp      (To reset to QSFP)                       *

That’s it, basic configuration of a Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V NetApp ONTAP cluster switch is complete!

Image: Random bonus bit of information. The blue fins on the fans indicate that that side should be in the cold (blue) aisle.