Tech Roundup - 22nd July 2018

Stuff collected since the last Tech Roundup on 27th May 2018. With headings:
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“Now, if you did update the kernel already but don't really NEED one – remember that in Linux you can easily go back to the previously used kernel. You can list all installed kernels using awk -F\' /^menuentry/{print\$2} /etc/grub2.cfg command, and then update saved_entry value of /boot/grub2/grubenv file with the kernel you want to load by default. The easiest way to do this is by using grub2-set-default command with the number that is based on the kernel position on the list obtained with awk command (note that the count starts from 0).” - Gostev @ Veeam


Azure NetApp files now in public preview

Microsoft to buy GitHub...

Type CMD in Windows Explorer bar to open up command prompt in that folder.
Type start. in the command prompt to open up Windows Explorer in that folder.
... | clip to put the output of command prompt command into the clipboard.
where notepad.exe to find where the executable is.


MobaXterm has everything you need -
- TFTP server, FTP server, HTTP server, SSH/SFTP server, Telnet server, NFS server, VNC server, Cron server...


AI, AI, Pure: Nvidia cooks deep learning GPU server chips with NetApp

"Drive Disruptive Innovation at Scale with AI" - Available on Demand

Cloud Data Services - Integrate + Protect + Optimize

Cloud Volumes Service
Cloud-native file storage. Extreme performance.

Manage your data in the cloud with the 30-day Free Trial!
NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure
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"Demanding Workloads Demand NVMe" - Webcast Available on Demand

The 5 Plays that Sports Data Visionaries Use to Win
Geelong Cats Changes the Game of Football with Data

‎NetApp NGDC Sizer on the App Store

Image: NGDC Sizer on iOS

June 21st: The new “Unified Appliance” VSC / VASA / SRA  7.2 is available
What’s new:
The virtual appliance for VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA provides the combined features of VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA in a single deployment. VSC features are enabled by default when you deploy the virtual appliance.
Depending on your requirements, you can enable VASA Provider or SRA by using the virtual appliance for VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA. The virtual appliance supports the following features:
- NFSv4.1 protocol and VMFS6 filesystem support for datastores
- Enhanced and simplified storage capability profile wizard
- VASA Provider support for linked mode of vCenter Server instances
- VASA Provider support for MetroCluster configurations
- Configuration of log levels for debugging
- VASA Provider with ONTAP 9.4 supports dynamic headroom-based VVol provisioning

NetApp Blogs

NetApp (the) Pub /

New since Tech Roundup - 27th May 2018 (later than 2018/05/22):

Consuming WFA Resources from Ansible

NetApp, Trident, and the CSI (oh my!)

Trident 18.07 Beta 1 is available now!

Highly Secure Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

Sample Ansible Playbook: ONTAP NFS Export Provision and Present

NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast

New since Tech Roundup - 27th May 2018 (later than episode 140):

NetApp: TRs





Image: Running Shoe Lacing Techniques