Brocade 6510: snmp.64mibCap.FCMGMT-MIB:0x7b Value Out of Range

I was attempting to install the Brocade_6510_7500N_v9.1 RCF files on Brocade 6510 Fabric Switches for NetApp MetroCluster, following the official procedure -
- and got this error:

Warning: a config file without enabling VF feature is used.
configdownload will be done on the default switch and chassis.
** snmp.64mibCap.FCMGMT-MIB:0x7b Value Out of Range
Process function of configdownload failed for filter "snmp"
2018/08/24-16:11:02, [CONF-1023], 145, FID 128, INFO, ... , configDownload failed for chassis.

The solution (thanks JS) was to:

1) Disable VF

fosconfig --disable vf

2) Reboot

3) For ConfigDownload use section switch (not all):

Section (all|chassis|switch [all]): switch

Image: Brocade 6510