Tech Roundup - 26th February 2019

Stuff collated/new since Tech Roundup - 16th December 2018. With headings:
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Virtualized SAP HANA on FlexPod Datacenter
This architecture is based on and supports the following hardware and software components:
- SAP Business Suite on HANA or SAP Business Warehouse on HANA
- SAP HANA single-host or multiple-host configurations
+ Operating System
- SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES), SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP (SLES for SAP)
- RedHat Enterprise Linux
+ Cisco UCS Server
- Bare Metal
- VMware
+ Network
- 40GbE end-to-end
- NFS for SAP HANA data access
- NFS or iSCSI for OS boot
+ Storage
- NetApp All Flash FAS

FlexPod Datacenter with Oracle RAC Databases on Cisco UCS and NetApp AFF A-Series (Oracle 12cR2 )CVD
This FlexPod Datacenter design is validated with following hardware and software components:
- NetApp AFF A700 Storage Systems and ONTAP 9.3
- Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS)
- Cisco UCS Chassis 5108
- Cisco UCS Blade Servers
- Cisco 6300 Series Fabric Interconnects
- Cisco Nexus 9000 series switches
- Cisco MDS 9100 Series Fabric Switches

FlexPod Datacenter with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux VM Running on VMware and Hyper-V:
This FlexPod Datacenter design is validated with following hardware and software components:
- NetApp AFF A300 and ONTAP 9.5
- NetApp SnapCenter 4.1.1 for VM Backup and Restore
- NetApp VSC 7.2.1 for Storage provisioning in VMware ESXi environment.
- Cisco UCS with UCS-FI-6332-16UP fabric interconnect, UCS B200 M5 servers, UCS VIC 1340 and UCS Manager 4.0 (1c)
- Cisco Nexus 93180YC Switch with NXOS 9.2(2)
- VMware vSphere 6.7U1
- Microsoft Windows Server 2016
- Microsoft SQL Server 2017 in Linux on ESXi as well as Hyper-v

The FlexPod with End-to-End NVMe white paper is available for customers and partners download:
The following innovative technologies are being delivered by the FlexPod with End-to-End NVMe converged infrastructure solution:
- Cisco UCS M5 servers with VIC 14xx for FC-NVMe
- Cisco UCS 4.0.2 with support for FC-NVMe
- Cisco MDS 9xxx FC SAN switches for FC-NVMe
- NetApp AFF storage controller with NVMe disks
- NetApp ONTAP 9.4 with support for FC-NVMe

Storage Industry News

Are You Prepared to Survive the Zombie (Botnet) Apocalypse?

A Look Back at 2018: It Is All About Buttoned-Up Data Analytics


General News

It’s a Small, Small Data World: How NetApp FlexCache Makes It Smaller

MAX Data: Optimising Application Performance with SCM

Benefits of Native Cloud File Services for File Shares

Speed Up Your MySQL-Based Apps and Retain Customers With NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

MetroCluster IP Technical Updates:
TR-4689: MetroCluster IP Solution Architecture and Design
The MetroCluster IP switch technical guides have also been recently updated:
MetroCluster IP 40Gb Switch Technical
MetroCluster IP 100Gb Switch Technical

How Linux is Winning in the Azure Cloud for Tier One Workloads

IMPROVED version of Migration Guide for NetApp Import Utility for SnapCenter & VSC:
It can also be accessed through the ToolChest page here:

NetApp Trident v19.01:
*dag = Design and Architecture Guide

Creating a Unified Content Platform in the Cloud for Broadcasting

ONTAP AI: A Look Back at the Last 6 Months of Innovation

Introduction to NetApp MAX Data

Inside a Smart Campus: How a World-Class University Runs on Data

iSCSI Best Practices: Solutions to Real-World Deployment Challenges

Image: Jumbo frame MTU settings on VMkernel port, vSwitch, physical switches, and cluster-node ports

Bridging the CPU and GPU Universes

NetApp CSO 2019 Perspectives

Data Protection for Persistent Data Storage in Kubernetes Workloads

Hortonworks HDP 3.0 Certified on NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.7 Released! (20th November 2018)

New Technical Reports (TRs)

TR-4749: NetApp for Epic Software: Solution Design

TR-4748: Build your Data Fabric: With NetApp HCI, ONTAP and Converged Infrastructure

TR-4747: SANtricity Snapshot Feature: Overview and Deployment Guide

TR-4746: SAP Applications on Microsoft Azure: Using Azure NetApp Files

TR-4744: Secure Hadoop using Apache Ranger with NetApp In-Place Analytics Module: Deployment Guide

TR-4741: NetApp Element Software Remote Replication: Feature Description and Deployment Guide

TR-4740: SMB 3.0 Multichannel: Accelerate SMB 3.0 Performance for Applications

TR-4739: IPv6 in Element Software: Configuration and Features of IPv6

TR-4738: Reconfiguring NetApp HCI Compute Interfaces

TR-4737: Automatic Load Balancing: NetApp SANtricity Feature Description and Implementation

TR-4736: SANtricity Web Services API: Built-In and Central Management Capabilities

TR-4733: SnapMirror Synchronous for ONTAP 9.5

TR-4731: HyTrust KeyControl Key Management in ONTAP 9.3 or Later: Integration Guide

New Technical Reports Internal (NetApp + Partner)

No direct link, find them in the NetApp Field Portal:

TR-4723i: NetApp E2800 Storage Array Performance Guide with SANtricity OS 11.50
TR-4728i: NetApp E5700 Hybrid Storage Array Performance Guide with SANtricity OS 11.50
TR-4729i: NetApp EF280 Storage Array Performance Guide with SANtricity OS 11.50
TR-4730i: NetApp EF570 Storage Array Performance Guide with SANtricity OS 11.50

TR-4750: NetApp HCI Manual Install H610C v1.4 - Existing HCI Cluster

TR-4751: NetApp HCI Manual Install H610C v1.4 - New HCI Cluster

TR-4752: NetApp HCI vSphere 6.5 to 6.7 Upgrade

New on the Tech ONTAP Podcast

Episode 178: SAN Overview and SAN Health

Episode 177: Data Science

Episode 176: NetApp Cloud Insights

Episode 175: Service Providers Using NetApp featuring Tierpoint

Episode 174: Veeam 9.5 Update 4

Episode 173: NetApp Advanced Technology Group

Episode 172: Scale Out Networking in ONTAP

Episode 171: Cloud Data Services with Nick Howell

Episode 170: Active IQ

Unable to connect to NetApp VSC for VMware Plug-in after changing vCenter IP address

NetApp University

NetApp HCI Technical Training:
Driving NetApp Sales: HCI Pre-Sales technical Training
NetApp HCI Fundamentals
Element Fundamentals


Native snapshot integration for NetApp HCI and SolidFire


Best Practices for running VMware vSphere on NetApp ONTAP


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