SnapCenter PowerShell Modules

As per the ‘SnapCenter Documentation Center’ (check out SnapCenter Software: Documentation Resources here:

“Preparing the PowerShell environment...
“On either the SnapCenter Server or the application host where a SnapCenter plug-in is installed, open a PowerShell session window and verify that the proper modules are loaded by using the get-module cmdlet.”

So, if you’re wondering (I was):

Q: How do I download and install SnapCenter PowerShell Modules?
A: You can’t, either find them on the SnapCenter server, or a SnapCenter application host.

But (there’s always a but), of course if you really wanted to run SnapCenter PowerShell modules from a machine other than SnapCenter or a SnapCenter plug-in host, you could do this.

Copy the SnapCenter folder from the below location on your SnapCenter server:


To the below location on your machine that doesn’t have SnapCenter or any SnapCenter plug-ins installed:


Note: Paths might very. Here both SnapCenter and non-SnapCenter server were Windows 2012R2.

Get-Module -ListAvailable

Will reveal under (after closing and reopening PowerShell):

Directory: C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules...
Manifest   1.0        SnapCenter...

And importing the snapcenter module will now work.

Import-Module SnapCenter

Image: SnapCenter PowerShell Modules Imported