Trident Resources and Collateral

20191009: Stateful Workloads in Kubernetes with Trident — The NetApp Way:

Trident: Automate and Orchestrate Storage in a Container World:

Image: Trident: Automate and Orchestrate Storage in a Container World.

20191008: Trident and Disaster Recovery Pt. 1:

Trident GitHub page (download):

ThePub @ NetApp YouTube channel:
With Trident and Ansible and more - installation, configuration and how-to videos:

Trident Documentation:
Step-by-step instructions, sample code, detailed description of features/functions:

Customer Success Story:

20190911: Storage in a DevOps World:
An enlightening DevOps podcast from Chris Merz.

And if you’re attending NetApp Insight 2019 Las Vegas (or catching up on videos from Insight), check out these Trident Sessions.

Trident Sessions at Insight 2019

1362-3 CSI Trident: State of the Art storage provisioning for Kubernetes
Trident has adopted the container storage interface (CSI) while retaining the ability to innovate outside the limited confines of CSI, and Trident now supports NetApp Snapshot copies and clones for CSI volumes. Trident has moved from etcd to Kubernetes-native custom resource definitions (CRDs) for its internal state, which greatly simplifies Trident deployment.

1361-3 Hybrid Cloud and Containers: A Perfect Match
Container orchestrators such as Kubernetes enable the automation of deployment, scaling, and management of applications in your cloud of choice.

2022-2 Verizon: Persistent Storage and Cloud Bursting for Kubernetes
Customer presentation.

Finally, stuff on the NetApp Field Portal (for NetApp Partners and NetApp Internal):