Collection of NetApp HCI Links and Notes: December 2019

“NetApp HCI is a scalable, on-premises hybrid cloud infrastructure that transforms your private cloud into a deployable region of your multicloud.”

Just a collection of NetApp HCI links and notes.
This stuff is focused towards installation, setup and configuration (delivery) of the solution.

Main Links

Note: 1.7P1 is the latest version at the time of going to press.

HCI Technical Reports (TRs)

SolidFire TRs which might be useful for HCI Deployments:

Some HCI NetApp Verified Architectures:
TRs On the Field Portal

KB Articles

Other Links

How to upgrade from NDE 1.4x to NDE 1.6

How to add a new Storage Node to a NetApp HCI

NetApp HCI: The first installation. The force awakens (and it glows)

Mellanox MLAG and Cisco vPC Configuration and Troubleshooting
"...Mellanox MLAG features do not support spanning tree with MLAG..."

Random Comments

With the NDE, you cannot deploy H410C and H610C at the same time. You can use NDE to add the H610C after.

HCI "Gateway Not Valid" - possible reasons:
1. Certain switches block ARPING and therefore NDE’s validation fails (even if you can ping the gateway via the NDE storage node.)
2. Is a native VLAN set across the 10GB ports? If native VLAN is not set correctly, validation will fail.
3. Incorrect switch port config. Verify you can ping the GW from Bond1G on the NDE node.
4. Validation error (i.e. does NDE only complain about the default management gateway under mNode)

The first 4 storage nodes in the HCI cluster need to be the same type.

“VCP plugin: Unauthorized Access Error” - resolved by using Chrome instead of IE.

Go to https://{mgmt_storage_node}:442 to enable LACP on Bond10g for H610S.

Validate the ESXi host’s VMware configuration (including VDS and port group configuration) using:
Note: If NDE fails at the final step of deploying the mNode and you can correct the issue that caused the failure (i.e. make sure ESXi hosts are fully configured and can see the SolidFire datastores - perhaps after a rescan), you can deploy the mNode manually.

URL for SF nodes to connect to AIQ (mNode = Management Node):
Source: Destination : Port : Description
mNode : : 22 : Reverse SSH tunnel for support access
mNode : : 443 : mNode service upgrades
mNode : : 443 : mNode service upgrades
mNode : : 443 : Storage cluster reporting to AIQ

H615C only allows a 2-cable config (so if you deployed as 6-cable and want to add the H615C, you must convert from 6 to 2 cable.)

Note: To convert from 6 to 2 cable see: TR-4738: Reconfiguring NetApp HCI Compute Interfaces
Be sure to review the networking documentation for HCI and vSphere beforehand:
HCI 1.7P1 Network Configuration
About vSphere 6.7U1 Networking

Image: NetApp HCI requires that the following vmk to vmnic interface mappings be in place:

The documentation states “set the LACP timers on the switches handling storage traffic to ‘fast mode (1s)’ for optimal failover detection time.”