Tech Roundup - 29th March 2020

Some stuff collated/new/learnt since Tech Roundup - 23rd February 2020 with headings:
AWS, DataCenter Dude, FlexPod, Google Cloud, IT Storage Industry News, NetApp, Security, Veeam


AWSome Day: Online Conference: 19.03.2020
10:00-10:20am: Opening Keynote
10:25-10:40am: Module 1: Introduction to the AWS Cloud
10:45-11:15am: Module 2: Getting Started with the cloud
11:25-12:05pm: Module 3: Building in the cloud
12:10-12:30pm: Module 4: Secure your Cloud applications
12:40-1:15pm: Module 5: AWS Pricing, Support and Architecting
1:25pm-1:55pm: Closing Remarks

DataCenter Dude

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Bring New Levels of Performance and Availability to your Enterprise App
IT Storage Industry News

NASA to launch 247 petabytes of data into AWS – but forgot about eye-watering cloudy egress costs before lift-off

2020-03-20: HPE SAS Solid State Drives - Critical Firmware Upgrade Required for Certain HPE SAS Solid State Drive Models to Prevent Drive Failure at 40,000 Hours of Operation


Life after NKS. NetApp to work with ‘all flavours of Kubernetes’

NetApp Acquires Talon Storage, Brings ROBO Capabilities to NetApp's Cloud Tech
The acquisition gives NetApp the technology to help businesses centralize and manage NFS (file) and SMB (block) storage on any of the top three hyperscaler cloud providers or on-premises while keeping it easily accessible at the edge.

Image: NetApp | Talon

Using Windows Lightweight Directory Services for UNIX Identity Management with ONTAP

[Video] Data Mover Solution, Part 1 - MapRFS Details for Data Mover

[Video] Data Mover Solution, Part 2 - XCP Configuration and Data Transfer


Mar 30, 2020: Baby Steps to the Cloud


NetApp: CryptoSpike

“ONTAP’s Zero Trust FPolicy engine is an excellent first line of defense particularly when used in external mode and leveraging a third party FPolicy server. ProLion’s CryptoSpike product is one of these third party FPolicy servers that works with ONTAP.  One of the major benefits of CryptoSpike is the user behavioral analytics (UBA) that can stop as-yet unknown day zero ransomware attacks when leveraging FPolicy.”

NetApp: Test Drive

NetApp Test Drive: Test Drive a NetApp Product
- Cluster Setup for ONTAP 9.7 and System Manager
- Configuring HCI with the NetApp Deployment Engine
- Getting Started with NetApp Cloud Manager
- Storage Tiering with FabricPool: Moving Cold Data from ONTAP to StorageGRID
- Enterprise Application Protection in the Data Fabric with ONTAP
- Understanding Trident: The Benefits of Persistent Storage on NetApp
Check back for new labs!

NetApp: Webinars

- A DevOps Cloud Platform: The Future of Enterprise IT Infrastructure (scheduled for 31-Mar-2020)
- Veeam Backup Solution for HCI (scheduled for 23-Apr-2020)
 -NetApp IT’s Storage Security Program (target 21-May-2020)
- Using SnapCenter for Hana and other data protection strategies (target 18-Jun-2020)

Webcast Slide Deck | Harnessing the value of data
These slides support the webcast...
Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics and Adrian Cooper of NetApp discuss what options are available to build a robust unified data platform that operates across hybrid cloud environments. If how you manage your data could be improved or your users could do with some help to get the most out of all that data you hold, watch the webcast on-demand.


Updating our malware & ransomware guidance
“We improved the guidance by emphasising offline backups as a defence against ransomware.”

Kr00k: A serious vulnerability deep inside Wi-Fi encryption
What is Kr00k? Kr00k – formally known as CVE-2019-15126 – is a vulnerability in Broadcom and Cypress Wi-Fi chips that allows unauthorized decryption of some WPA2-encrypted traffic.

Swisswindows AG is closing immediately: 170 employees laid off: Hacker attack kills!

Let's Encrypt? Let's revoke 3 million HTTPS certificates on Wednesday, more like: Check code loop blunder strikes