Things To Do If You Have Free Time Over Christmas!

2020 has been a bit of a quiet year on this blog. 2020 has been a very crazy year. I've been lucky to be very busy with work. Just that the work I've been busy with doesn't make good blog content for this blog, or is not easy/possible to blog about. Also my "Tech Roundup's" have fallen by the wayside (they took time to compile and I never got time to go over the links myself.) Because of the 2020 madness, I have nearly 2 weeks off over Christmas (usually I take holiday earlier in the year), and it's a chance to catch up on some of the things I didn't get to do in 2020, whilst at the same time chilling out and having a merry time!

1) NetApp Insight 2020 - Content Library:

Vision Keynotes, Mega Sessions, and more!
300+ sessions and breakouts available in the content library.

2) Catch up with the Tech ONTAP Podcasts:

3) Take some training courses in areas that interest you! From - for example:

If it interests you, try googling "Best Python Game Course" or "Best DevOps Course".

Also - if you have access to them - the NetApp TechMaster content is great too.