Tech Roundup - January 2021

I’ve not managed to do one of these ‘Tech Roundups’ since June 2020, and I wasn’t going to sift through 7 months of saved links and stuff, so this is a fresh start using the last 2 months data. Also, I’ve tried to be a bit more discerning with what I link, which is why I’ve put a section at the bottom of the post entitled “Go to Places for Regular Tech Updates”. My intention is to do these posts bimonthly going forward.
Azure Stack HCI
Azure Stack HCI solution overview
“This is a dedicated hyperconverged operating system based on Windows Server Core and managed by Windows Admin Center, which is designed to make it easier to deploy Hyper-V with Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). This is for on-premises Hyper-V! What makes the offering different from regular Hyper-V though, is that it is delivered as an Azure hybrid service: it comes with a monthly subscription cost and it is connected to Azure.”
Video for the link above:
Discover Azure Stack HCI [3 mins]

CentOS is gone—but RHEL is now free for up to 16 production servers
Also see:
Rocky Linux promises to become the new "good old CentOS"!
Github's Fork & Pull Workflow for Git Beginners
GitHub & NetApp & Ansible
Where NetApp Ansible playbooks will be posted and shared from (and more):
Also see:
The Kubernetes Aquarium
Don't Panic: Kubernetes and Docker
Backup got better - File level restore on NetApp Cloud Backup Service (CBS) DEMO [3 mins]
NetApp IT Systems Engineer demos how he uses Trident, OpenShift and Ansible [12 mins]
How to use Ansible to provide S3 as a Service with StorageGRID [12 mins]
More than 25 DevOps and Automation sessions on demand from NetApp INSIGHT 2020
[NVMe-oF] How to Setup NVMe-oF with VMware and NetApp
[ONTAP 9.6 & 9.7] Checking Storage Efficiencies on NetApp AFF
ONTAP: Easily Identify Remaining Headroom
NetApp Data Science Toolkit
The NetApp Data Science Toolkit is a Python library that makes it simple for data scientists and data engineers to perform various data management tasks, such as provisioning a new data volume, near-instantaneously cloning a data volume, and near-instantaneously snapshotting a data volume for traceability/baselining.
"Provision a New Data Volume with the NetApp Data Science Toolkit"
"Near-Instantaneously Clone a Data Volume with the NetApp Data Science Toolkit"
NetApp ONTAP 9.8 REST API: Mapping ONTAPI to REST API & More!
NetApp Developer Network  
Release Notes
ONTAP 9.8 API Reference
ONTAP 9.8 Python Client Library
ONTAP 9.x REST API documentation
Transition to REST from ONTAPI:
Getting Started with ONTAP REST API Python Client Library – Part 1 , Part 2 & Part 3
Using the private CLI passthrough with ONTAP REST API
ONTAP REST API – Automate notifications of high-severity events
Sample scripts:
ONTAP REST API python scripts GitHub 
NetApp Plugin for Symantec NetBackup
Upcoming removal of support for ‘NetApp Plugin for Symantec NetBackup’:
It is being revised into separate 7-mode and C-Mode versions:
Product: NetApp Plug-in 1.x for Symantec NetBackup
ONTAP: ONTAP Operating in 7-Mode
EOES: 31-Dec-2020
End of Limited Support: 30-Apr-2021
End of Self-Service Support: 30-Apr-2024
Product: NetApp Plug-in 2.x for Symantec NetBackup
ONTAP: Clustered Data ONTAP/ONTAP 9
EOES: 31-Dec-2020
End of Limited Support: 31-Dec-2022
End of Self-Service Support: 31-Dec-2025
I’m So Sorry OpenShift, I’ve Taken You for Granted
A 5-minute read that explains user experience between Openshift & (Vanilla) Kubernetes (OCP comes with a whole framework on top of Kubernetes, with valuable features like RBAC.) The post describes how to create an app from scratch, and the process to deploy and access it with both platforms.
Storage Industry News
8 Emerging Data Storage Trends To Watch In 2021
Storage In 2021 And Beyond: Less Focus on Tech, More Focus on Data Value:
1) The Line Between On-Prem And Cloud Will Be Erased
2) Software-Defined to Take the Wind from Storage Hardware Sales
3) No More Vendor “A” vs. Vendor “B”
4) ‘Speeds and Feeds’ Morphs To ‘Needs’
5) Storage Will Be Increasingly Container-Native
6) Storage March to The Edge Accelerates
7) “Security-First” Mantra to Define Storage
8) Storage Will Get Smarter
Go to Places for Regular Tech Updates