Comparing OCI vs CI Annotations and Annotation Rules

If found this comparison surprisingly useful. We were missing more annotation values than I had anticipated!

Here we bring together stuff for the previous two posts. And it is fairly easy to compare OCI vs CI annotations and annotations rules and get a report of what is missing. First run this tool:

Cosonok's IT Blog: [OCI][Python] Collecting NetApp OCI Annotations and Annotation Values Across Multiple OCI Servers and Export to CSV

Then run this tool:

Cosonok's IT Blog: [CI][Python] Collecting NetApp Cloud Insights Annotations and Annotation Values and Export to CSV

Bring both sheets into the same excel workbook, turn the data into tables. Create a column D on both sheets to combine annotation and annotation value as per:


Then I found using INDEX, MATCH, and the range worked best, something like this (change XXXX with the final row of the OciAnnosAndValues tab, and YYYY with the final row of the CiAnnosAndValues tab.)

For the OciAnnosAndValues tab:

=IFERROR(INDEX(CiAnnosAndValues!D$2:D$YYYY,MATCH(D2,CiAnnosAndValues!D$2:D$YYYY,0)),"Not Found")

For the CiAnnosAndValues tab:

=IFERROR(INDEX(OciAnnosAndValues!D$2:D$XXXX,MATCH(D2,OciAnnosAndValues!D$2:D$XXXX,0)),"Not Found")

Add in a little bit of conditional formatting and job done!