[NetAppTV] INSIGHT Breakouts + INSIGHT Get Certified

I didn't find time to check out any of the content from November's Insight 2022 but maybe now I have some time. There is a lot of content on NetAppTV -


Of the content from INSIGHT - as a techie - primary I'm interested in the breakouts and certifications, so I thought I'd list what's available before committing time to watching some videos.


Note: In bold are the ones that are of primary interest to me (going by the titles) - which is quite a lot of them. If I get time I might just watch them all!

  • NetApp hybrid-cloud storage solutions for Microsoft SQL Server! [1034]
  • New ONTAP innovations: Enhancing your hybrid multicloud [1042] *****
  • Spot PC for MSP 2.0 [1044]
  • Protect VMware datastores with SnapMirror Business Continuity [1060] ***
  • AI Ops to the Rescue: Manage your Storage with Ease [1066] ***
  • Accelerate VMware migration to GCP with NetApp Cloud Volumes [1072] ****
  • Build a better SAP in the cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service [1073]
  • SAP HANA on NetApp and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP [1076]
  • Protect K8s Applications against Disasters with Astra Control [1077] ****

  • Backup solution for databases hosted in Hybrid and Cloud [1162]
  • BlueXP 101 [1178]
  • NetApp ONTAP NVMe/TCP Optimizes and Democratizes Your SAN [BRK-1179-2] ****

  • Running Cloud-Native Apps Non-Stop: Customer Panel with Hyland [1210]
  • Automating and Optimizing Kubernetes in the Cloud [1239]
  • Discover Block Level Storage Tiering for Storage Efficiency [1249]
  • Interswitch: IT transformation in financial services [1293]
  • Protect against ransomware attacks with Cloud Insight [1297]

  • FabricPool vs Cloud Tiering [1848]
  • Autonomous Driving - Building hybrid data pipelines with Akridata [1865]
Note: This is not the complete list of sessions, but it was everything in INSIGHT > INSIGHT Breakouts > List All. When you watch these sessions, at the end there will be other suggested sessions which you can search for in NetAppTV.

INSIGHT > Get Certified

Note: In bold are the ones that are of primary interest to me.

  • NCTA Certification Preparation [1268]
  • NCDA Certification Preparation [1269]
  • CNFDS Certification Preparation [1270]
  • CNFIA Certification Preparation [1271]
  • NCSIE Certification Preparation [1272]
  • NCHC Certification Preparation [1273]
  • NCHCIE Certification Preparation [1274]
  • NCIE SAN Certification Preparation [1275]
  • NCIE DP Certification Preparation [1276]
  • NCHC Architect Certification Preparation [1277]
NCTA = NetApp Certified Technology Associate
NCDA = NetApp Certified Data Administrator
CNFDS = Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design Specialist
CNFIA = Cisco and NetApp Flexpod Implementation and Administratio
NCSIE = NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer
NCHC = NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator
NCHCIE = NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Implementation Engineer
NCIE SAN = NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer - SAN
NCIE DP = NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer - Data Protection
NCHC Architect = NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect

If you've already done certifications you can check their expiry date on https://www.credly.com/.

The key ones for me are the NCDA and NCHC and these don't expire until June 20, 2024 and October 11, 2023 respectively. I need to think about renewing the NCHC sometime soon (perhaps with another cert that will renew it.)