4'000'000 Page Views


Last week this blog passed 4'000'000 page views. Over 13 years, that's around 300'000 page views a year or 25'000 page views a month.

Getting to 5'000'000 page views might take quite a long time. Currently this blog gets around 10'000 page views a month, so 100 months / over 8 years to do a million.

It's interesting that a lot of the IT generalist stuff in the early days of the blog, gets more views than the more focussed work appearing later. Perhaps that isn't surprising. For the last 3 years I was working with one NetApp product (OCI/CI), but I'm back to more general NetApp stuff these days, so can write some NetApp generalist stuff, which should be more popular (than OCI/CI stuff.)

Many thanks all!