NetApp IMT: ONTAP SAN Host Simplified

Something changed - for the better - with NetApp's Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) some 60 days ago. The IMT for SAN Host is now massively simplified.

ONTAP SAN Host Simplified:

New simplified ‘ONTAP SAN Host’ solution will be only Host Interoperability support matrix for ONTAP SAN going forward.
There are only 3 components (ONTAP OS, Host OS & Protocol) listed in this new simplified solution compared to the 13 components in the previous solution. Remaining 10 components would have blanket support from NetApp i.e. if those 10 component versions are actively supported by the respective vendors, then NetApp would also implicitly support them.

Essentially, NetApp is no longer concerned about versions from other vendors as-long-as they are actively supported versions. This makes total sense to me 😄