Performing an ONTAP Health Check Analysis

Here are 5 health check / analysis / assessment tools for ONTAP:

For performance metrics analysis and monitoring:
Other tools in the NetApp Toolchest include:
  • ActiveIQ OneCollect
  • MetroCluster Data Collector (MCDC)
  • NFS cDOT Showmount tool
  • Performance and Statistics Collector (perfstat for Clustered Data ONTAP)
  • SnapGathers
  • Syslog Translator

Additional Notes:

The 3 main remote (via ActiveIQ) health checks:

1) ActiveIQ Storage Health sub-sections:
  • Dashboard
    • Useful for risks and Keystone (if using)
  • AutoSupport
  • Performance
    • Especially interesting is node CPU utilization (also latency if not SSD)
  • ClusterView
  • Sustainability (NEW) (available only at customer, watchlist, group or site level)
  • Capacity and Efficiency
    • Worth looking at Node Aggregate space utilization. Also Storage Efficiency to see the Data Reduction levels being achieved.
  • Keystone Advisor (BETA) (available only at a customer level)
  • Health Check
    • Essentially a summary of the risks from the Dashboard.
  • Health Assessment (a paid for service)
  • Cloud Recommendations
    • Covers: Migration, Backup & Archive, Disaster Recovery, Tiering
  • Valuable Insights
2) Config Advisor

3) NetAppDocs

Commands to run in PowerShell>

Import-Module NetAppDocs

$ClusterName = "CLUSTERNAME"
$SerialOfNode = "SERIALNUMBER"

[String]$ClusterID = (Find-NtapAsupClusterId -ClusterName $ClusterName -NodeSerialNumber $SerialOfNode).cluster_identifier

Get-NtapClusterAsupData -Cluster ($ClusterName + ":" + $ClusterID) | Format-NtapClusterData | Out-NtapDocument -WordFile ("C:\Output\" + $ClusterName + ".Docx") -ExcelFile ("C:\Output\" + $ClusterName + ".xlsx")


  1. Very nice post again ! I would like to ask you more posts or information about ActiveIQ from basic to advanced. And I think it's been a while you don't touch the Netapp Simulator, right ? I could say more than 5 years ? I would like to know if the new version could reach more than 1 TB storage space ? Do you think it's possible ? I heard that new SIMs support HA. Would be nice one or two new posts desmistifying new Ontap Simulator. And only you can enlighten us.

    1. Many thanks Israel. Not sure what I could do on ActiveIQ - it is a very cool tool nowadays and also very user friendly. I've not had much need for the simulator with access to - - but I would like to play around with it some more. So many things to do and so little time :)


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