Creating Application Aware Snapshots in SAN/iQ 8.5

Prior to SAN/iQ 8.5, making snapshots application aware was a case of installing the required components and having a scheduled task on the guest running a script. Now there is a tick box in the Centralized Management Console to allow this.


Windows 2003 Server with SQL 2005 and iSCSI initiator installed, which has 3 volumes

i: O/S volume which is a vmdk
ii: iSCSI attached DATABASE volume
iii: iSCSI attached LOGS volume

The iSCSI volumes are presented on a LeftHand SAN/iQ 8.5 SAN

How to create application aware snapshots?

<< Note: I will go one step further and configure application aware snapshots with remote snapshots >>

1: Configuring the Windows Server components

i: On the Windows 2003 Server, do a typical install of the HP LeftHand Network Centralized Management Console for SAN/iQ 8.5

ii: On the Windows 2003 Server, install the HP LeftHand VSS Provider from the HP LeftHand P4000 Windows Solution Pack CD

2: Configuring the Authentication Console

On the Windows 2003 Server, Start > Programs > HP LeftHand Networks > Authentication Console

Enter the credentials for the Management Group in which your iSCSI volumes belong, Next > , Finish, then close the Authentication Console

3: Configuring the Snapshot with Remote Snapshot

In the HP LeftHand Networks Centralized Management Console, right-click the volume which holds your SQL data, and choose 'New Schedule to Remote Snapshot a Volume'

Configure like the below to your specifications << the important thing here is to tick the 'Application-Managed Snapshot' box, and create a new remote volume in the remote site for the database volume >>

When you click OK, it will retrieve information from the application server and discover the associated logs volume

Click Continue and create a new remote volume in the remote site for the logs volume

Click 'Create Schedule'

And that's it!

Note: SAN/iQ 9 will integrate with the VMware Virtual Center server so that you can create application aware snapshots of iSCSI VMFS volumes containing VMDKs

Author V. Cosonok


  1. This will not be available at SAN/iQ Version 9.0. All other updates will be available on the HP website.

  2. It does seem the VCENTER integration is NOT there.
    Too bad... as that would be a real Equallogic killer. Now, Dell still has an advantage with it's AutoSnapshot Manager / VMWare Edition


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