Citrix VDI Article 2/5) Policy to stop local drives being available in XenDesktop

Why: for security or because users complain they see a lot of drives when they log into their XenDesktop


1) Connect onto the Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller
2) Open the Citrix Presentation Server Console
3) Expand the XenDesktop farm
4) Right-click on Policies and select ‘Create Policy’
5) Give the policy a name and description and click OK

6) Right-click on the policy in the contents pane and select Properties
7) Expand ‘Client Devices’ -> Resources -> Drives
8) Click on Connection and select Enabled and ‘Do Not Connect Client Drives at Logon’

9) Click OK
10) Right-click on the policy and select ‘Apply this policy to…’
11) Choose what to apply the policy to (in the example below, selected ‘Client Name’ -> ‘Filter based on client name’ -> ‘Apply to all client names’, to apply to all)

12) Click OK