Walkthrough: Windows Server 2008 R2 DFS – Setting up a DFS Namespace and Replicated Folders

This walkthrough assumes there are at least two servers with the File Services server role installed; and the Distributed File System, DFS Namespaces and DFS Replication components installed.

Below is an example of what this walkthrough sets out to achieve – a DFS namespace, with replicated folder, spanning two DFS servers

DFS Management Console (dfsmgmt.msc)

1: DFS Management → Right-click Namespaces and New Namespace

New Namespace Wizard

2: Browse for namespace server (this will host the namespace) → Next
3: Give the namespace a name → Next

Note: You can leave the default settings. The referenced C:\DFSRoot\ will later contain shortcuts

4: Choose Domain-based or Stand-alone namespace – we'll proceed from having chosen Domain-based → Next

5: Review Settings → Create

6: Close the wizard

DFS Management Console

7: Right-click the newly created namespace and choose 'Add Namespace Server' → OK

8: Right-click Replication and choose 'New Replication Group...'

New Replication Group Wizard

9: Choose 'Multipurpose replication group' or 'Replication group for data collection' – we'll proceed from having chosen 'Multipurpose replication group' → Next

10: Provide 'Name of replication group' → Next

11: Add the 'Replication Group Members' → Next

12: Choose Topology – we'll proceed from having chosen 'Full mesh' → Next

13: Choose Replication Group Schedule and Bandwidth – we'll proceed from having chosen 'Replicate continuously using the specified bandwidth' → Next

14: Choose the Primary member → Next

15: Choose the Folder(s) to Replicate → Next

16: Choose Local Path for replicated folder on Other Members → Next

17: Review Settings and Create Replication Group → Create

18: Close the wizard

DFS Management Console

19: Selected the newly created replication group → 'Replicated Folders' Tab → Right-click the Replicated Folder → Share and Publish in Namespace...

Share and Publish Replicated Folder Wizard

20: Select a Publishing Method – we'll proceed with 'Share and publish the replicated folder in a namespace' → Next

21: Share Replicated Folders - Review the Actions → Next

22: Namespace Path – Browse for the 'Parent folder in namespace:' → Next

23: Review Settings and Share Replicated Folder → Share

And we're done - the namespace is available, replicated folders available via the namespace, and the replicated folders are highly available across two DFS servers.