Problem: Websense WSLOGDB70 Files Causing High Disk Space Utilization

A customer's web proxy server running 'Websense Web Security / Web Filter', is running low on free disk space, and the WSLOGDB70 files in C:\Program Files\Websense are identified as the major culprit of excessive disk consumption.

Note: This applies to an installation of Websense installed with the bundled MSDE 2000 (Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine,) which had a built in database rollover feature to avoid hitting the 2GB single database size limit of MSDE 2000.

To correct way to delete wslogdb70_X.mdf and wslogdb70_X_log.ldf files {where X is a positive integer} is:

1) Log onto the Websense Manager WebUI at https://IPADDRESSofWEBPROXY:9443/mng with a Websense administrative account
2) Navigate to Settings -> Reporting -> Log Database
3) Browse down to 'Available partitions'
4.1) Click Delete to the right of the partition to be deleted (assuming reporting is no longer required for the date range contained in the partition,)
4.2) Click OK to the message 'Are you sure you want to delete partition WSLOGDB70_X? This is irrevocable!'
5) Repeat 4 for as many of the partitions as you want to delete
6) Click 'Save Now'
7) The WSLOGDB70 files will not be deleted straight away, but will be deleted next time the maintenance schedule runs. The 'Maintenance start time' can be checked in the 'Maintenance Configuration' section. If necessary, temporarily adjust the 'Maintenance start time' to purge the deleted database partions sooner.


Question: Can I delete wslogdb70 files?
Answer: Yes, but it should not be done manually via Windows explorer, remove via WebsenseManager WebUI.


  1. To have it delete immediately, run the maintenance job in SQL after selecting delete.

  2. Hello Anonymous, thank you very much for the comment. Cheers!


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