Brocade: Lab. 3/6 - Configuring a Brocade FC Switch using CLI

1: Perform initial configuration steps
*Default access login=admin and password=password
2: Upgrade firmware, if needed
3: Assign the domain ID
*Each FC switch must have a unique domain ID.
*Recommend start numbering from 10 to avoid reserved IDs.
4: Assign port speeds
5: Verify configuration
6: Verify host and storage connectivity
7: Create FC zones
8: Save and back up the configuration

*Best practice to have same version of Fabric OS across all switches.
BrocadeFCSW> version
BrocadeFCSW> firmwareDownload

Domain ID defaults to 1, use the following steps to change the domain ID:
BrocadeFCSW> switchDisable
BrocadeFCSW> configure
BrocadeFCSW> switchEnable

Assign port speeds to avoid negotiation errors and avoid prolonged fabric rebuilds:
BrocadeFCSW> portCfgSpeed [slot/]port, speed

To verify switch configuration:
BrocadeFCSW> switchShow
*Verify the domain ID
*Verify active port speeds
*Verify the host and storage ports are online
*Verify WWPNs are correct (compare with information from DOT CLI command> fcp show adapter, and host OS or HBA software)

Finally, create FC Zones, create a configuration, storage the confguration, activate the configuration e.g.:
BrocadeFCSW> aliCreate WinA, 21:00:00:1b:32:1a:8b:1c
BrocadeFCSW> zoneCreate WinPriA, “WinA;Fas01A”
BrocadeFCSW> cfgCreate WinCfg, “WinPriA;WinPriB;WinSecA;WinSecB”
BrocadeFCSW> cfgSave
BrocadeFCSW> cfgEnable Wincfg

To back up the configuration:
BrocadeFCSW> configUpload
To restore the configuration:
BrocadeFCSW> configDownload
To retrieve support data:
BrocadeFCSW> supportSave

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