NetApp: Lab. 2/6 - Basic NetApp iSCSI Setup and LUN Creation using CLI

1. Basic Single-Path iSCSI Setup

To verify the storage system's e0b interface configuration:
system> ifconfig e0b
To license the iSCSI service:
system> license add ISCSICODE
To start the iSCSI service:
system> iscsi start
To verify e0b interface is enabled for iSCSI:
system> iscsi interface show
To display the storage system's WWNN:
system> iscsi nodename

Windows: Configure iSCSI initiator and connect to switch.

2. NetApp: Create LUN for Windows

To create an igroup:
system> igroup create -i -t windows iWIN_iscsi
To show the existing igroups:
system> igroup show

Best Practice: Do not put LUNs in the root volume

To create an aggregate with 7 disks:
system> aggr create aggr_SAN 7
To create volume for the LUN:
system> vol create vol_SAN1 aggr_SAN 4g
To turn off the default Snapshot policy for the volume:
system> snap reserve vol_SAN1 0
system> vol options vol_SAN1 nosnap on
To create a LUN named lun1:
system> lun create -s 2g -t windows /vol/vol_SAN1/lun1
To map the LUN to the igroup:
system> lun map /vol/vol_SAN1/lun1 iWIN_iscsi
To verify the LUN mapping:
system> lun show -m

Windows: Rescan, initialize, and format disk.

2. Expanding Basic Single-Path iSCSI Setup to iSCSI Multi-Path Setup

Verify the storage system's e0c interface configuration:
system> ifconfig e0c
Verify the interface is enabled for iSCSI:
system> iscsi interface show

Install Microsoft Multipath I/O Role.
Install Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO.
Configure second Ethernet interface on Windows Server.

To find which interface is associated with which target portal group:
System> iscsi tpgroup show

In Windows, connect a second iSCSI interface to second target portal.

To create a TPG:
system> iscsi tpgroup create mytp
To assign interface to a TPG:
system> iscsi tpgroup add -f mytp e0b e0c
To verify TPG:
system> iscsi tpgroup show

To verify current session(s):
system> iscsi session show
To verify current connection(s):
system> iscsi connection show -v

In Windows configure Multiple Connected Session (MCS)

To verify current sessions:
system> iscsi session show
To verify current connections:
system> iscsi connection show -v

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  2. Why did you add interfaces directly to the tpgroup?
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