NetApp: FAS2000 New Series Disk Options

The following post briefly lists storage models, disk shelf, and disk options available in the new NetApp FAS2000 series range:

Fig. 1 FAS2040 front and back

Fig. 2 FAS2240-2 front and back

Fig. 3 FAS2240-4 front and back

Fig. 4 DS4243 front and back

Fig. 5 FAS2000 series and DS4243 shelf – rack units and disk slots

Fig. 6 FAS2000 series and DS4243 shelf – internal disks supported
Note 1: The new DS2246 disk shelf only supports internal 450GB SAS 10k and 600GB SAS 10k disks, and since the FAS2000 series does not support external SAS disks, this shelf is excluded.
Note 2: The DS4243 also supports SSD 100GB drives but these are not supported by FAS2000 series models as external drives and so not listed here.

Fig.7 FAS2000 series – external disks supported
Note 1: The DS14mk2 AT and DS14mk4 FC shelves are now end-of-availability (or special order only.)
Note 2: The FAS2000 series models support 300G, 400G, 600G FC external drives from DS14mk4 shelves.

Additional note: The end-of-availability FAS2020 only supports up to the Data ONTAP 7.3.7 RC release.