How to install Veeam nworks MP for VMware with SCOM 2012: Part 4/6 - Install nworks Collector Server

Parts in this series:

Part 4 - Install nworks Collector Server

Memory Requirements: 3GB minimum; and x64 OS with 6GB RAM recommended.
CPU Requirements: 2 x 2GHz minimum recommended.

Server Manager > Features > Add Features > Select ‘.NET Framework 3.5.1’ and follow the wizard to install

Double-click on the nworksVIC.exe executable:

Click Next >

Accept the License Agreement and Next >

Destination Folder: Accept/Change… install path and Next >

Enterprise Manager Server Information: Enter EMS server FQDN name, and port (default is 8084) and Next >
Note: Any problems connecting here - check the Windows Firewall on the EMS!

Service Credentials: Enter nworks Virtual Infrastructure Collector Service credentials (needs to be local admin and member of nworks Enterprise Manager accounts local group on the EMS server) and Next >
Note: In this lab we’re using the domain administrator account, in practice would use a different account.

Ready to Install the Program: Install

InstallShield Wizard Completed: Finish

Note: The collector will appear in Veeam nworks Enterprise manager

Repeat for however many collectors that need to be installed!