Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tech Round Up 12th August 2012

Interesting tech stuff that was filling my inbox! With stuff from Citrix, Dell, HP, NetApp, Riverbed, Veeam, VMware!

## Citrix ##

XenDesktop Operations
Links to:

How To Automate Migration of User Profiles from Computers to a NxTop Environment

Windows Vista/Windows 7 NxTop Best Practices Defined

How to Make Storefront the Default Page within the IIS Site

## Dell ##

SAN Design Best Practices for the Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosure and EqualLogic PS Series Storage (1GbE) by SIS

## HP ##

HP StoreOpen with LTFS for Windows: Making tape as easy to access and share as disk
“What does HP StoreOpen with LTFS for Windows do?”
“LTFS for Windows from HP makes LTO-5 tape self-describing, file-based and easy-to-use.  It provides you with the ability to use standard Windows file operations on tape media for accessing, managing and sharing files with an interface that looks just like a hard disk.”

## NetApp ##

CDMI Emerges as the new NFS – A Big Deal for Big Data
“Cloud Data Management Interface … shines, especially with an object-based storage architecture behind it that was built to support multi-petabyte environments with billions of data sets across hundreds of sites and accommodates retention policies that can reach to “forever”.”

Snapdrive Space Reclamation
An illustration of using SnapDrive Space Reclaimer.

## Riverbed ##

Optimizing EMC RecoverPoint with Riverbed

## Veeam ##

FTF Veeam v6 Replication – Veeam Architecture
“You will need at least one Veeam Proxy at both the Source and Target sites if they are different locations. You may need to add more than one Veeam Proxy per site.”

## VMware ##

vSphere Metro Storage Cluster white paper released!

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