EqualLogic, BackupExec 2012, and VMware SAN Transport Mode Part 2/2

Setting up the backup job in Symantec Backup Exec 2012 for a VMware vCenter using SAN Transport Mode

1. Open up the Backup Exec 2012 GUI.
2. Click on the Backup and Restore tab.
3. Click on Add VMware Server from the ribbon and follow through the wizard to add the vCenter server.

Image: Add VMware Server

4. With the vCenter added, right-click on the vCenter server in the Server view and select Backup > and Backup to Disk (for example)

Image: Right-click server options

5. Edit the Selections as required
6. Test/Edit Credentials
7. Configure Backup Options – Schedule, Storage, Network, Notifications, Test Run, Verify, Advanced Open File, Security, Pre/Post Commands, Virtual Machines, and Exclusions as required.

For VMware Transport Mode backup from SAN mode, ensure that the Virtual Machines > VMware > SAN tick box is selected

Image: Backup Options > SAN – Use the SAN to move virtual disk data

8. Finally, run the job!

Note: The Backup Exec Agent for Windows must be installed on all (Windows) Virtual Machines where GRT-enabled restores of application data are required. Backup Exec 2012 has just one ‘Agent for Microsoft’ which incorporates Exchange and SQL….

Image: Exception – unable to perform GRT-enabled restore with no Agent for Windows


  1. Hi Vidad,

    Very nice blog and postings! I've found much useful information! I'm currently testing the SAN mode transport with your steps. However, whenever I tried to run the job, it always failed with an error "Unable to open a disk of virtual machine". I make sure the agent was installed, and it is ping-able. With the 4 transport options selected by default, it worked fine. I assumed because it was backing up using the LAN connection instead. By which software initiator has connected to the SAN volume hosting the Virtual Machine. Could you provide any assistants? Thank you!

  2. restart BE and try again


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