Lab Series 01: Part 5 – NetApp Data ONTAP 8.1.2 Clustered ONTAP Simulator Build Recipe 02

*for NACSIM111 & NACSIM112 – the “local” cluster

Following on from Part 4, now we set up our second Clustered ONTAP Simulator lab. The build recipe here is pretty much identical to the only amendments are the following variables:

Table: DOT 8.1.2-C-SIM Local Cluster Configuration Variables
Note: I’m using the same cluster network as before!

Renaming VM Serial Port Named Pipes:
Rename the Serial Port for NACSIM111 to nacsim111-cons
Rename the Serial Port 2 for NACSIM111 to nacsim111-rgb
Rename the Serial Port for NACSIM112 to nacsim112-cons
Rename the Serial Port 2 for NACSIM112 to nacsim112-rgb

Suggested serial numbers:
NACSIM111: 1234563111
NACSIM112: 1234563112

Substitute the variables above where required when following through to set up the lab.

In real-world scenarios, having local clusters and then SnapMirroring to remote clusters is more likely. Stretched networks are notoriously difficult to set up efficiently depending on the distance involved – with latency issues, broadcast traffic, limited bandwidth, jitter, network hops, network resilience … all these issues coming into play.

Also, there is the option to create a Peer Relationship from one Cluster to another, something I’ll be looking at in later labs.

Image: Cluster > Configuration > Peers > Create