Lab Series 02: Part 1 – 2 x 2 Lab for Clustered ONTAP Simulator

To learn more about Clustered ONTAP, the lab design from Series 01 has been much simplified using some of the lessons learnt in the process of setting up that lab.

Here, we have 2 x 2 node clusters – one 2 node cluster in each site – which should be sufficient to get a basic understanding/working knowledge of the administration/concepts of Clustered ONTAP, including Peers.

Image: Lab Series 02 Design

The IP Addressing, Networks, and Naming Conventions have been simplified too. All the details required for the basic setup are contained in the tables below. Following through the build recipe here, is enough information to get the lab up and running.

Table: Site A – Networks and IP Addressing

Table: Site B – Networks and IP Addressing

Note: Having the domain controllers is optional at this stage, also, there’s no reason why – for a lab – we could not have everything in the same subnet.

The basic setup (skipping adding the optional additional shelves from the build recipe) is relatively simple to do and can be done in less than an hour – that’s for two up and running clusters; even adding the SIM shelves (8 shelves, 2 shelves for each of the 4 nodes) shouldn’t take much longer.

Now to do something interesting with it!


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