Bookmarks & Notes for 09 March 2013

Below are a few bookmarks and notes I wanted to keep track of from the last month or so:

## NetApp - Command References ##

*By Benjamin Ulsamer

*By Michael Cope

*By Michael Cope

*An interesting wiki type article on SnapMirror by Sjoerd Hooft

*from weestro.blogspot

Very nice article with good screenshots! Covers changing FC ports from target to initiator too (check, disable, make initiator, enable):
fcadmin config
fcadmin config -d 0b
fcadmin config -t initiator 0b
fcadmin config -e 0b

*detailed post in NetApp Community by jmanzano07, with useful information

## NetApp - Learning ##

*9 articles so far!

*by Steve Lawler and Haripriya

Tip #1: Use Multipath High Availability
Tip #2: Provide the Right Number of Spare Disk Drives
Tip #3: Use SyncMirror for the Greatest Possible Resiliency
“SyncMirror stripes data across two mirrored storage pools known as plexes, which can result in read performance improvements on disk-bound workloads.”
Tip #4: Bulletproof Your HA Configurations for Nondisruptive Upgrades
Tip #5: Verify Your Storage Configuration with Automated Tools

## NetApp - News ##

”Use the NetApp EF540 Flash Array for transactional, database-driven applications where responsiveness is critical.”

## NetApp - MetroCluster Maintenance ##


*from vipulvajpayee blog

Also, search for the latest:
Data ONTAP High-Availability Configuration Guide
Active-Active Controller Configuration Overview and Best Practice Guidelines” etc…

## Miscellaneous ##

*Via (Let Me Google That For You)

*Article by Iwan Rahabok - useful for testing!

*By Jon Arrasjid & Michael Webster

“Vdbench is a disk and tape I/O workload generator for verifying data integrity and measuring performance of direct attached and network connected storage on Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, OS/X and HP/UX.”

“Virtual machine enters a paused state or a CSV volume goes offline when you try to create a backup of the virtual machine on a Windows Server 2012-based failover cluster!”

*Useful posters!