Due Dilligence Before a Data ONTAP 7-Mode Upgrade/Reboot

I was thinking about this the other day (please let me know if I’ve got it wrong):

In Data ONTAP 7-Mode, there’s a chance that the configuration of the controller may not have been completely saved to the config files prior to reboot, so after reboot the controller’s configuration may deviate from the original config causing problems. This could also apply to a dual controller scenario where a cf takeover is done on the other controller prior to rebooting, and then the cf giveback done later.

Is there a way to check the config beforehand?

Setup writes these configuration files:

To read these files via the Data ONTAP CLI, simply run:
rdfile /etc/rc
rdfile /etc/exports
rdfile /etc/hosts
rdfile /etc/hosts.equiv
rdfile /etc/dgateways
rdfile /etc/nsswitch.conf
rdfile /etc/resolv.conf

To find the “live” status of the config files - where required to do so since hosts, hosts.equiv, nsswitch.conf, resolv.conf are read from file anyway - we run:
*Note this this applies to only a basic setup.

For /etc/rc and /etc/dgateways:
ifconfig -a
route -s
routed status
options dns.enable
options nis.enable

For /etc/exports config run:
exportfs -a -v

Note: There is a HA Config Checker, my understanding is that this is essentially a tool to verify you can takeover and giveback successfully, not the same as the above but … (apologies my research is a bit lacking here - time permitting I’ll look into this further - if you know the answer I’d be most grateful for a comment.)