How to find Volumes in an Aggregate in Clustered ONTAP

In Data ONTAP 7-Mode, it was possible to get a list of the volumes in an aggregate using the command:

aggr status AGGR_NAME

In Clustered ONTAP, taking from the ‘7-Mode to Cluster-Mode Command Map’ document, the above command maps to:

storage aggregate show

Playing around with this command, I could only get the number of volumes in an aggregate, not a list of volumes.
The solution was to use the command:

volume show -aggregate AGGR_NAME -fields volume

The above command shows the volumes in the aggregate, and the vServers to which those volumes belong.

Documenting Volumes in Aggregates on CDOT Nodes

We can use this to document a Clustered ONTAP environment for Volumes to Aggregates to Nodes. The commands we use are:

cluster show
node show -node NODE_NAME
storage aggregate show -fields aggregate,nodes
storage aggregate show -fields aggregate
volume show -aggregate AGGR_NAME -fields volume

The output from the commands can be copy and pasted into Notepad++ and edited (ALT and click is very powerful in Notepad++) and then copied into say Microsoft Excel.

Documenting 3 CDOT clusters (2 x 6 node clusters, and a 1 x 2 node cluster) using the above method, didn’t take much more than an hour. An example of the produced Excel documentation is below (private info has been removed!)

Figure: Documenting Volumes in Clustered ONTAP Aggregates