OCB Quick Setup Guide: Part 2/9 - Installing the VA

1. Connect to vCenter using the vSphere Client and Deploy the Balance Appliance:

File > Deploy OVF Template… >
- Source: Browse to the location of the OnCommand Balance ova and click Open and Next >
- OVF Template Details: Next >
- EULA: Accept and Next >
- Name and Location: Input Name and choose Inventory Location, and Next >
- Host / Cluster: select and Next >
- Storage: Select destination storage and Next >
- Disk Format: Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed / Thick Provision Eager Zeroed / Thin Provision and Next >
- Ready to Complete: Leave unticked ‘Power on after deployment’ and Finish
Note: Size on disk = 1.9 GB (thin provisioned) and 220.0 GB (thick provisioned)
Note: Disk Format options will be greyed out for NFS datastores.
Note: If the VA fails to deploy - i) Check port 902 from client to the host is open. ii) Check DNS resolution for the host from the client.

Size the Balance VA as appropriate!

2. Configuring Balance VA IP Addressing:

- Power on the Balance VA
Note: The Balance VA will perform a first boot setup (upgrade) of VMware Tools

Image: NetApp OnCommand balance VA first boot

- Set IP Addressing via the console with the default console login:
balance login: netapp
password: netapp
Note: Alternatively, connect via http to a DHCP generated IP address.

- From the Main Menu, select option 3 for IP Management Options, and follow the prompts to configure:
IP Address, Subnet, Gateway, DNS

Image: Balance Advanced Management Tool (AMT) Main Menu

5. Balance Web UI First Time:

- Connect to HTTP://Balance_System_IP_Address
- Welcome to OnCommand Balance: Enter your organization name, and leave un-ticked regards the capacity license

Image: Welcome to OnCommand Balance

- AutoSupport (ASUP) agreement: Submit ‘Yes, I agree to the terms and would like to receive higher quality support (recommended)’
- Initial setup: enter
Data center time zone
NTP Server
Email address (primary Balance administrator - receives Balance Predictor emails, and system alerts)
(Optional) SMTP server hostname, Port, User name, Password
(Optional) Change password
Note: default Web UI login = admin, password = password

6. Login to OnCommand Balance:

Finally, login to OnCommand Balance!

Image: OnCommand Balance Login

Note: In IE, if Compatibility View settings are incorrect, you will not see the menu bar. If Compatibility View is correctly configured, you should see:

Image: Balance menu bar


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