OCB Quick Setup Guide: Part 9/9 Monitoring SQL

With the Windows Server/Guest already added!

Logged into the Balance Web UI, click on:
Applications > Add Application

Server: select the MSSQL server
Application Type: DB
Application Name: Give it a name (e.g. MSSQL)
Priority: Low/Medium/High *
Set as default for server volumes: (see ** below)
Database Type: MS_SQL_SERVER
Database Name: master (greyed out for MSSQL)
Database FQDN/IP: FQDN
Database Port: Usually 1433
Credential: select the SQL user credential

*The priority setting for the application.
**Select to indicate to Balance to associate newly discovered server volumes to this application.

And click Save

Image: Balance - Add Application

Note: At this stage we have added credentials, added proxies and discovered NetApp controllers, vCenter, Windows and Linux servers, and added an SQL application. It is also possible to import a configuration via a seed list (also export the configuration.)

Image: Discovery - Import/Export