How to Update the BIOS in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.X

Note: When you perform a Data ONTAP software upgrade, the firmware service image (BIOS) included with the Data ONTAP upgrade package is copied to your storage system’s boot device and installed automatically.

Downloads > Firmware > System Firmware & Diagnostics >
Choose your platform and click Go!
Here we are choosing “Service Image (BIOS) For Use With clustered Data ONTAP 8.X” and click Go!

There is a link to the BIOS Service Processor Support Matrix -
- be sure to check this first.

Here we are downloading BIOS 7.2.2 under the file
Add the file to your web server.

Image: presented in HTTP File Server

From the CDOT CLI:
Note: If you’re doing this via the serial connection (recommended but not necessary), you can replace run -node nodename with run local.

To list the contents of the boot device:

run -node nodename version -b

To determine the BIOS version:

run -node nodename sysconfig -a

Note: If the BIOS identified here is the required one (e.g. 7.2.2 in this example) you do not need to proceed any further.

To enter diagnostic level:

set -priv diag

To download the firmware (you can skip -node nodename if using serial connection):

system firmware download -package http://web_server/ -node nodename

To list the updated contents of the boot device:

run -node nodename version -b

Note: Verify the output include the required firmware (e.g. 7.2.2 in this example.)

Reboot the storage system (skip -node nodename and use local if using serial connection):

reboot -node nodename

Final verify the firmware is updated:

run -node nodename sysconfig -a


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