How to Update the Disk Firmware in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.X

Note: When you perform a Data ONTAP software upgrade, disk firmware is included with the Data ONTAP upgrade package. It is sometimes preferred to apply disk firmware before a Data ONTAP upgrade because may have to wait (usually no more than 30 minutes) for disk firmwares to apply before the newly applied Data ONTAP image loads. Verify the recommended procedure with AutoSupport > Upgrade Advisor.

Downloads > Firmware > Disk Drive & Firmware Matrix
Click on the link to download ‘all current Disk Firmware - updated 11-APR-2013’
Click the Download .zip button at the bottom of the page to download:

Add the file to your web server.

Image: presented in HTTP File Server

From the CDOT CLI:
Change to the advanced privilege level:

set -priv adv

To download the firmware:

system firmware download -node nodename -package http://web_server/

And that’s it!

The disk(s) will be automatically updated if the background disk firmware update option is enabled (as by default):

storage disk option modify -node nodename -bkg-firmware-update on

To manually update disk firmware:

storage disk updatefirmware

To verify disk firmware versions:

storage disk show -fields firmware-revision