How to Update Service Processor Firmware in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.X

Note: Service Processor firmware is currently separate from the Data ONTAP software upgrade package - in future versions of Data ONTAP (8.2+) the SP firmware will be bundled.

Downloads > Firmware > System Firmware & Diagnostics >
Choose your platform and click Go!
Here we are choosing “Service Processor Image for Installation from the Data ONTAP prompt” and click Go!

There is a link to the BIOS Service Processor Support Matrix -
- be sure to check this first (SP FW 1.4 is not supported in DOT 8.1.X.)

Here we are downloading SP FW 1.3.2 under the file
Rename the downloaded file as
Add the file to your web server.

Image: presented in HTTP File Server

From the CDOT CLI:
Note: If you’re doing this via the serial connection (recommended but not necessary), you can replace run -node nodename with run local.

First, to check SP firmware levels:

system node run -node nodename sp status

To download the Service Processor Firmware:

system image get -node nodename -package http://web_server_name/
Note: Set the -replace-package parameter to true if an file already exists

To install the Service Processor Firmware:

run -node nodename
software install

When the installation of has completed:

sp update

SP: Firmware updated successfully!
Do you want to reboot the SP now? y

Note i: This only reboots the SP not the storage controller itself.
Note ii: It can take a few minutes and access to the SP will be unavailable during this time.

Finally run sp status to check the SP Firmware version, and type exit to return to the CDOT CLI.

sp status