Researches on IBM N Series (V-Series) Head Swap from Data ONTAP 7 to New V-Series on Clustered ONTAP 8.1.2

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In the clustershell

set -priv diag
volume add-other-volumes -node nodename
*Add 7-mode volumes to the cluster database

Note: The "add-other-volumes" switch can only be used with VTW (volume transfer wizard) which uses snapmirror to migrate data volumes from 7-Mode systems.

From this thread
*Posted by Bob McKim and answered by Matt Hallmark
*A bit old - August 2010 - but still interesting

Part 1

Is this the correct procedure for headswap on a V-Series?
1) Gather existing v-series head configuration
2) Zone and LUN mask the new v-series head to the existing LUNs
3) Perform a disk reassign ownership on an aggr by aggr basis
4) Create new CIFS shares on new v-series head (only CIFS shares on existing v-series head)
5) Remove old v-series head from DNS (or swap servers in DFS)
6) Add new v-series head to DNS
7) Verify client connectivity

Part 2

1) The old heads are x86 (V3020) and new heads are x64 (N6040 / V3120), therefore the binaries are different.
2) NetApp ONTAP on old heads, IBM ONTAP on new ones

How about if I do a config dump and a config dump -v on the old heads and do a config restore on the new ones before swinging the aggrs?
They are both running (had to downlevel the N6040 for snapmirror purposes).

Part 3

For 1) you are creating a new aggr and migrating data. The aggregates on a V-Series are raid0 (aggr options aggrname to see it), so you can't fail a drive/lun per se.
For 2) you are correct on most of the steps, but as you will be retaining your root volumes, there's no need to re-create shares or change dns etc.

Procedurally it's:

1. Halt existing HA Pair and power off the nodes
2. Rack and cable the new cluster, power on the nodes and go into maintenance mode.
3. Verify that the ports you want to use are initiators and document the WWPN's (storage show adapter)
4. Update the zoning on the switches for the new initiator ports
5. On the back-end SAN, update your host profile to reflect the new WWPN's
6. From maint mode, reassign the LUNs from the old systemID to the new one, repeat for the other node.
7. Using aggr status from maint mode, validate that you can see your various aggrs and that you have one marked as a root aggr on each controller.
8. Halt both nodes and boot them up normally.
9. Upgrade ONTAP if you are changing CPU architectures.

As a pre-step, you might want to validate that the version of ONTAP that's on the CF of the new controllers is compatible with the version of ONTAP (raid labels etc.) on the old. You may want to upgrade ONTAP before doing the head swap.

IBM N Series Redbooks

IBM N Series to NetApp Models Conversion Table

N3300 Model A10 Type 2859 = FAS2020
N3300 Model A20 Type 2859 = FAS2020C
N3150 Model A15 Type 2857 = FAS2220
N3150 Model A25 Type 2857 = FAS2220
N3220 Model A12 Type 2857 = FAS2240-2
N3220 Model A22 Type 2857 = FAS2240C-2
N3240 Model A14 Type 2857 = FAS2240-4
N3240 Model A24 Type 2857 = FAS2240C-4
N3400 Model A11 Type 2859 = FAS2040
N3400 Model A21 Type 2859 = FAS2040C
N3600 Model A20 Type 2862 = FAS2050C
N6040 Model A10 Type 2858 = FAS3140
N6040 Model A20 Type 2858 = FAS3140C
N6060 Model A22 Type 2858 = FAS3160C
N6070 Model A21 Type 2858 = FAS3170C
N6210 Model C10 Type 2858 = FAS3210
N6210 Model C20 Type 2858 = FAS3210C
N6240 Model C21 Type 2858 = FAS3240
N6240 Model E11 Type 2858 = FAS3240
N6240 Model E21 Type 2858 = FAS3240C
N6270 Model C22 Type 2858 = FAS3270
N6270 Model E12 Type 2858 = FAS3270
N6270 Model E22 Type 2858 = FAS3270C
N7900 Model A21 Type 2867 = FAS6080C
N7950T Model E22 Type 2867 = FAS6280C
EXN1000 Model 001 Type 2861 = DS14mk2
EXN3000 Model 003 Type 2857 = DS4243
EXN3200 Model 306 Type 2857 = DS4486
EXN3500 Model 003 Type 2857 = DS2246
EXN4000 Model 004 Type 2863 = DS14mk4