Resizing SnapMirror Volumes

Here we run through re-sizing a SnapMirror source and destination volume in our lab:

We have a source volume (v_src) that’s 300g in size, and destination volume (v_dst) that’s 300g in size, we want to increase the size of the source volume to 1200g:

NASRC> vol size v_src 1200g

NADST> snapmirror update -S nasrc:v_src nadst:v_dst
Transfer aborted: destination volume too small; it must be equal to or larger than the source volume.

NADST> snapmirror break v_dst  
snapmirror break: Destination v_dst is now writable.
Volume size is being retained for potential snapmirror resync.  If you would like to grow the volume and do not expect to resync, set vol option fs_size_fixed to off.

NADST> vol size v_dst 1200g    
vol size: Volume has the fixed filesystem size option set.
NADST> vol options v_dst fs_size_fixed off
NADST> vol size v_dst 1200g         
vol size: Flexible volume 'v_dst' size set to 1200g.
NADST> snapmirror resync -S nasrc:v_src nadst:v_dst 
The resync base snapshot will be: nadst(4055372815)_v_dst.6    
These newer snapshots will be deleted from the destination:
These older snapshots have already been deleted from the source and will be deleted from the destination:
Are you sure you want to resync the volume? y

Volume v_dst will be briefly unavailable before coming back online.

Revert to resync base snapshot was successful!

The End!


  1. this site is very informative. i like the new snap mirror update and i think that the new size will be much more better. However, wish this post was more elaborate.


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