Saturday, 30 November 2013

How to Setup Intercluster SnapMirror in CDOT 8.1.X

The following post runs through all the steps involved in setting up a volume SnapMirror relationship in NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP.
Note: The commands were verified on a lab environment of two one-node SIM 8.1.2 clusters, which had actually been upgraded to 8.1.3P1.


On the source (cluster nac1 and node nac1-01):

In the following 5 lines (3 lines ignoring shows), we: add the SnapMirror license; create a volume on a pre-existing Vserver; and create an intercluster LIF (every node in the cluster needs an intercluster LIF but here we have just one node).

license show
license add -license-code BEOYIXMWZWYQSD

vol create DC1_VOL1 -vserver vs1 -aggregate aggr1 -size 5g -space-guarantee none

net int show
net int create -vserver nac1-01 -lif n1_icl -role intercluster -home-node nac1-01 -home-port e0d -address -netmask

On the destination (cluster nac2 and node nac2-01):

In the following 15 lines (8 lines ignoring shows/ping test), we: add the SnapMirror license; create a Vserver to replicate to (in the circumstance there is not pre-existing one); create a volume of type DP; create an intercluster LIF; create a cluster peer relationship to the remote clusters intercluster LIF; initialize the snapmirror; perform a snapmirror update; and finally set a snapmirror schedule.

license show
license add -license-code BEOYIXMWZWYQSD

vserver create -vserver vs1 -rootvolume vs1_root -aggregate aggr1 -ns-switch file -nm-switch file -rootvolume-security-style unix -language C.UTF-8

vol create DC1_VOL1_REPL -vserver vs1 -aggregate aggr1 -size 5g -space-guarantee none -type DP

net int show
net int create -vserver nac2-01 -lif n1_icl -role intercluster -home-node nac2-01 -home-port e0d -address -netmask

network ping -node nac2-01 -destination
cluster peer create -peer-addrs -username admin
cluster peer show

snapmirror initialize -source-path nac1://vs1/DC1_VOL1 -destination-path nac2://vs1/DC1_VOL1_REPL -type DP

snapmirror show
snapmirror update -destination-path nac2://vs1/DC1_VOL1_REPL
job sched cron show
snapmirror show -fields schedule
snapmirror modify -destination-path nac2://vs1/DC1_VOL1_REPL -schedule daily


Since in a testing environment it’s equally useful to know how to construct and then deconstruct something, the following commands completely deconstruct the test volume SnapMirror setup created above.
Note: Above we created a Vserver on cluster nac2. Here we leave the Vserver in place.

On the destination (cluster nac2 and node nac2-01):

snapmirror delete -destination-path NAC2://vs1/DC1_VOL1_REPL
vol destroy -volume DC1_VOL1_REPL -vserver vs1
cluster peer delete -cluster nac1
net int delete -vserver nac2-01 -lif n1_icl
license delete SnapMirror_DP

On the source (cluster nac1 and node nac1-01):

vol destroy -volume DC1_VOL1 -vserver vs1
net int delete -vserver nac1-01 -lif n1_icl
license delete SnapMirror_DP

Image: In Clustered ONTAP, each node requires an Intercluster LIF where Intercluster SnapMirror is used.


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