Final Post 2013!

Another year and another company (only the third company since September 2005 mind you - the second company only lasted 8 months {even though the job was awesome}, my stint at the third has already lasted 2 months more, and hopefully it will last considerably longer!) It’s been a busy year on the blog; this post will mark my 157th post of 2013, and the blog’s seen some changes with going from a generalist IT Infrastructure type blog prior to February 2013, to a more specialist blog focused around NetApp technologies. It’s certainly apparent that my current role is focused heavily on NetApp technologies, and this is a great thing for me as I’ve always felt like a storage guy at heart, and always loved NetApp storage as the number one storage for me!

General Statistics

Note: All the statistics below are taken from 28th December 2013!

Pageviews = 1’010’238 since 24th March 2010
Visits (courtesy of clustrmaps) = 471’695 since 18th April 2010
Alexa global rank = 1’096’553

Image: Top 10 visitor sources 21st April 2013 to 28th Dec 2013

Pageviews Statistics

June 2013 did see an awesome 55’444 pageviews in one month … the blog’s slipped a bit since then though.

Image: Monthly pageviews over time (the x-axis scale is wrong, skipping even years!)

And the reason for the slip might be a lot down to the all-time best pageviewed post, seeing its viewings slipping off dramatically:

Image: December 28th 2013’s Top 10 most pageviewed posts of all time, with no. 1 the “VCP510 Exam Cram Notes” on 66972 pageviews

Image: Top 10 most pageviewed posts in the month from 29th November 2013 to 28th December 2013

It’s always kind of curious when a post does well. Not quite sure why an HP EVA8000 post from July 2012 is doing so well currently!?

Future Content

Definitely more NetApp content, hopefully there’ll be room/time for some more generalist stuff too. Not sure whether becoming a more specialist NetApp blog is good for viewing figures or not - one cannot fail to notice that lots of people really like blogging about NetApp, so this blog might get lost as just another blog about NetApp - perhaps that would make an excellent new title "Just Another Blog About NetApp". The NetApp community is so strong, and NetApp are blessed with having fantastic and interesting technology that people just love to write about.

As for pursuing records … well, the day job comes first, if I manage a few good posts in 2014, I’ll be happy!

Thank You

A massive thank you to everyone who has read from this blog, posted comments here, and pointed links in this direction. And a big thank you to my job for providing me with interesting ideas for things to write about.

And Finally …

I wish you all the best for the New Year and I hope all your dreams come true. Have a great 2014!

Image: Absolutely gorgeous “Happy New Year 2014” Wallpaper from

PS Doesn’t 2014 look like a really nice number!? Must be the 2 x 7 = 14 thing - there’s something beautiful about that number 7!


  1. Congrats on the success of your blog. As you pointed out, the drops you experienced in traffic are probably due to drops in the traffic received by one of your leading posts. People sometimes hesitate to take the plunge with self hosted blogs but it gives you more stability.


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