“Show”s in Clustered ONTAP 8.1.4 Clustershell: Part 1/2 - Admin Privilege Level

Carrying on from the previous post which I felt was a little incomplete after my attempt to show every show in 8.2.1RC2 was thwarted by the command showfh - introduced in 8.2 - which exists in the advanced privilege level and above; I’ve gone back to CDOT 8.1.4 to see what shows exist beyond the shows at the Admin Privilege Level.

Part 1: CDOT 8.1.4 “Show”s at the Admin Privilege Level (196)

cluster contact-info show
cluster ha show
cluster identity show
cluster peer health show
cluster peer job show
cluster peer show
cluster show
cluster statistics show
dashboard alarm show
dashboard alarm thresholds show
dashboard health vserver show
dashboard health vserver show-aggregate
dashboard health vserver show-combined
dashboard health vserver show-lif
dashboard health vserver show-port
dashboard health vserver show-protocol
dashboard health vserver show-volume
dashboard performance show
dashboard storage show
event config show
event destination show
event log show
event mailhistory show
event route show
event snmphistory show
event status show
job history show
job schedule cron show
job schedule interval show
job schedule show
job schedule show-jobs
job show
job show-bynode
job show-cluster
job show-completed
lun igroup show
lun mapped show
lun portset show
lun show
network connections active show
network connections active show-clients
network connections active show-lifs
network connections active show-protocols
network connections active show-services
network connections listening show
network fcp adapter show
network interface failover-groups show
network interface show
network interface show-routing-group
network interface show-zones
network options lb-geometric show
network port ifgrp show
network port show
network port vlan show
network routing-groups route show
network routing-groups show
security audit show
security login domain-tunnel show
security login publickey show
security login role config show
security login role show
security login role show-ontapi
security login show
security ssl show
snapmirror show
statistics oncrpc show-replay-cache
statistics oncrpc show-rpc-calls
statistics protocol-request-size show
statistics settings show
statistics show
statistics show-periodic
storage aggregate member show
storage aggregate show
storage aggregate show-scrub-status
storage array config show
storage array port show
storage array show
storage disk option show
storage disk show
storage errors show
storage failover hwassist show
storage failover hwassist stats show
storage failover show
storage failover show-giveback
storage load show
storage path show
storage path show-by-initiator
storage raid-options show
system health alert definition show
system health alert show
system health autosupport trigger history show
system health config show
system health node-connectivity adapter show
system health node-connectivity disk show
system health node-connectivity shelf show
system health policy definition show
system health status show
system health system-connectivity shelf show
system license show
system node autosupport destinations show
system node autosupport history show
system node autosupport manifest show
system node autosupport show
system node autosupport trigger show
system node coredump config show
system node coredump reports show
system node coredump segment config show
system node coredump segment show
system node coredump show
system node date show
system node environment sensors show
system node hardware tape drive show
system node hardware tape library show
system node image package show
system node image show
system node image show-update-progress
system node root-mount show
system node service-processor show
system node show
system script show
system services firewall policy show
system services firewall show
system services manager install show
system services manager policy show
system services manager status show
system services ndmp show
system services ntp config show
system services ntp server show
system services web node show
system services web show
system snmp community show
system snmp show
system snmp traphost show
system timeout show
volume clone show
volume clone split show
volume efficiency policy show
volume efficiency show
volume file show-disk-usage
volume member show
volume move show
volume move target-aggr show
volume qtree show
volume quota policy rule show
volume quota policy show
volume quota show
volume show
volume snapshot autodelete show
volume snapshot policy show
volume snapshot show
vserver cifs domain discovered-servers show
vserver cifs domain preferred-dc show
vserver cifs group-policy show
vserver cifs group-policy show-applied
vserver cifs group-policy show-defined
vserver cifs home-directory search-path show
vserver cifs options show
vserver cifs security show
vserver cifs share access-control show
vserver cifs share show
vserver cifs show
vserver cifs symlink show
vserver export-policy rule show
vserver export-policy show
vserver fcp initiator show
vserver fcp interface show
vserver fcp portname show
vserver fcp show
vserver fcp wwpn-alias show
vserver iscsi command show
vserver iscsi connection show
vserver iscsi initiator show
vserver iscsi interface accesslist show
vserver iscsi interface show
vserver iscsi isns show
vserver iscsi portal show
vserver iscsi security show
vserver iscsi session parameter show
vserver iscsi session show
vserver iscsi show
vserver locks show
vserver name-mapping show
vserver nfs kerberos-config show
vserver nfs show
vserver services dns hosts show
vserver services dns show
vserver services kerberos-realm show
vserver services ldap client schema show
vserver services ldap client show
vserver services ldap show
vserver services nis-domain show
vserver services unix-group show
vserver services unix-user show
vserver services web access show
vserver services web show
vserver show