7-Mode Transition Tool 1.2 - Quick Install Guide

The following post updates http://www.cosonok.com/2013/07/notes-on-7-mode-transition-tool-7mtt.html which was posted in July 2013 for 7MTT 1.0. The original post has good information about configuring the 7-Mode and C-Mode systems which is not repeated here.


O/S: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Specs: Dual-core x64 processor, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD
Software: 64-bit Java JRE (installed by the installer)
Browser: IE 9 or 10, Firefox 20+, Chrome 27+
Display: 1280 x 1024
*See http://support.netapp.com/matrix for the most up to date information.
Note: I had to turn off UAC.

Port Requirements: Connections to 7MTT

Port 8443 - Can be changed by tool.https.port parameter in transition-tool.conf*
Port 8088 - Can be changed by tool.http.port parameter in transition-tool.conf*
*Must restart 7MTT service after changing
Note: Firewall should either be off or allowed to the above port(s)

Port Requirements: Connections from 7MTT to Systems

HTTP port 80 {if HTTPS not configured/working}
HTTPS port 443 {more secure than HTTP}


Download the software package from:

Installing the software:
Double-click the downloaded NetApp_7ModeTransitionTool_Setup.exe

7-Mode Transition Tool Setup: Welcome …
Click Next >

Image: Welcome to 7MTT 1.2 Setup Wizard
7-Mode Transition Tool Setup: Select Installation Location
Leave as/change from the default path - C:\Program Files\NetApp\7-Mode Transition Tool
Click Install

{Next two steps if Java JRE 64-bit is not already installed}

Java Setup - Welcome
Click Install >

Java Setup - Complete
Click Close

7-Mode Transition Tool Setup: … installed successfully
Uncheck/leave - Launch the tool
Uncheck/leave - Show Readme*
Click Finish

Image: 7MTT installed successfully
*To read the readme later see "C:\Program Files\NetApp\7-Mode Transition Tool\readme.txt"

Running 7MTT 1.2

Either click the shortcut* on the desktop or from ‘All Programs’**
*The shortcut points to (default) "C:\Program Files\NetApp\7-Mode Transition Tool\NetApp 7-Mode Transition Tool (gui) 1.2.lnk.URL" and opens up

Image: 7MTT 1.2 Web UI Login Box
**In ‘All Programs’ there is also a link for the CLI version which points to “C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c bin\transition-verbose-start.cmd NetApp” (opens from “C:\Program Files\NetApp\7-Mode Transition Tool”)

Image: All Programs > NetApp 7-Mode Transition Tool ->
Image: 7-Mode Transition Tool 1.2 CLI
Note: The 7MTT is accessible outside the server it is installed on by going to https://7MTT_SERVER_NAME_or_IP:8443/transition/

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