Can you SnapMirror from an “Is-Copied-For-Transition” Volume?

The answer is no!

But since sometimes taking somebodies word for something is not enough, here we demonstrate this with a simple experiment.

We have a 7-Mode system NA01. We have a C-Mode cluster NACLU1. We have two Vservers - SVM1 and SVM1B. We create a 7-Mode volume migTest01, TDP SnapMirror it to SVM1, then try DP SnapMirror-ing that to SVM1B. This is the result:

1) Creating a 7-Mode volume with one qtree:

NA01> vol create migTest01 -l en -s none aggr1 2g
NA01> qtree create /vol/migTest01/tree1

2) Enabling SnapMirror to the cluster (which has an intercluster LIF on

NA01> options snapmirror.access host=

3) Create the volume on CDOT, and setup the TDP SnapMirror:

NACLU1::> vol create -vserver SVM1 -volume migTest01 -aggregate aggr1 -size 2g -language en -space-guarantee none -type DP
NACLU1::> vserver peer transition create -local-vserver SVM1 -src-filer-name
NACLU1::> snapmirror create -source-path -destination-path SVM1:migTest01 -type TDP -schedule hourly
NACLU1::> snapmirror initialize -destination-path SVM1:migTest01

4) Verify the Qtree created in 1 has come across, and display the is-copied-for-transition status:

NACLU1::> qtree show -volume migTest01

Vserver    Volume        Qtree        Style        Oplocks   Status
---------- ------------- ------------ ------------ --------- --------
SVM1       migTest01     ""           unix         enable    readonly
SVM1       migTest01     tree1        unix         enable    readonly

NACLU1::> set -confirmations off
NACLU1::> set d

NACLU1::*> volume show -is-copied-for-transition true -fields is-copied-for-transition

vserver volume    is-copied-for-transition
------- --------- ------------------------
SVM1    migTest01 true

5) Then configure SnapMirror from the “is-copied-for-transition” volume to SVM1B:

NACLU1::> vserver peer create -vserver SVM1 -peer-vserver SVM1B -applications snapmirror
NACLU1::> vol create -vserver SVM1B -volume migTest01 -aggregate aggr1 -size 2g -language en -space-guarantee none -type DP
NACLU1::> snapmirror create -source-path SVM1:migTest01 -destination-path SVM1B:migTest01 -type DP -schedule hourly
Operation succeeded: snapmirror create for the relationship with destination "SVM1B:migTest01".

NACLU1::> snapmirror initialize -destination-path SVM1B:migTest01

Error: command failed: Failed to get information for source volume "SVM1:migTest01" for confirmation. (Source "SVM1:migTest01" is a transition volume. Using a transition volume as a SnapMirror source volume is not supported.)

And the above is our error!