List 4/10 of Out-of-the-Box Commands in WFA 2.2 for Clustered ONTAP

Below is a list of Out-of-the-Box Commands from -
WFA > Designer > Commands
- filtered under the CDOT Scheme (cm_storage)

“A WFA command is initiated by WFA while the workflow is in its execution phase.”

Image: WFA > Designer > Commands (Filtered by ‘cm_storage’)
The List of 93 Items

Abort SnapMirror
Add CIFS share ACL
Add logical interface to portset
Add route to logical interface
Add rule to SnapMirror policy
Add rule to SnapMirror policy - Perl
Add schedule to snapshot policy
Bind igroup to portset
Break SnapMirror
Clone volume
Create aggregate
Create and configure Storage Virtual Machine
Create CIFS share
Create cluster peer
Create efficiency policy
Create export policy
Create export rule
Create FCP logical interface
Create igroup
Create infinite volume
Create infinite volume constituents
Create logical interface
Create LUN
Create portset
Create QoS policy group
Create qtree
Create schedule
Create schedule - Perl
Create SnapMirror
Create SnapMirror policy
Create SnapMirror policy - Perl
Create snapshot policy
Create snapshot policy - legacy
Create Storage Virtual Machine peer
Create volume
Delegate Storage Virtual Machine administration
Delete Active Directory account
Invoke AutoSupport
Log EMS entry
Map unix and windows user names
Migrate logical interface
Modify High-Availability configuration
Modify infinite volume
Modify logical interface
Modify LUN
Modify QoS policy group
Modify schedule
Modify SnapMirror
Modify storage failover
Modify Storage Virtual Machine
Modify volume
Mount volume
Move volume
No-Op Cluster-Mode
Quiesce SnapMirror
Release SnapMirror
Relocate aggregate
Remove CIFS share ACL
Remove igroup
Remove logical interface
Remove logical interface from portset
Remove LUN
Remove node from cluster
Remove QoS policy group
Remove qtree
Remove SnapMirror
Remove SnapMirror - Perl
Remove volume
Rename volume
Resize volume
Resume SnapMirror
Resync SnapMirror
Setup Active Directory account
Setup deduplication and compression
Setup FCP service
Setup iSCSI service
Setup LDAP service
Setup NFS service
Setup NIS service
SnapMirror initialize or update set
SnapMirror promote
Split volume clone
Transfer cluster epsilon
Transfer SnapMirror
Unmap LUN
Wait for aggregate online
Wait for aggregate relocation
Wait for multiple volume moves
Wait for SnapMirror initialization
Wait for SnapMirror initialize load sharing set
Wait for volume clone split
Wait for volume move