Research Links & Info - 13th December 2014

Just a place to put some links and notes collected in my inbox since the last one on the 8th October …
With sections: Microsoft, PowerShell, NetApp, NetApp Tips, NetApp Troubleshooting, Veeam, VMware, Web Design Stuff

## Microsoft ##

The November 2014 Windows Update Rollup (KB3000853) breaks Hyper-V backup for all host-based backup products!

## PowerShell ##

## NetApp ##

Non-disruptive Operations (NDO) Savings Calculator

NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 enhancements include:
NDO (Non-Disruptive Operations):
- Metrocluster for cDOT
- DataMotion Enhancements
- Diskslicing
- 7MTT 2.0
- FLI (Foreign LUN Import)
- Performance Improvements (Flash, Compression)

Find out how a successful, well-planned implementation of the Clustered Data ONTAP solution gave Bellevue College some incredible cost savings.

Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit 3.2 came out on 8th October 2014

EXCELLENT! NetApp PowerShell Example Creating SVMs

NetApp/VMware PowerShell Example

WFA Links

WFA Links: MyQSL Queries, MVEL, REGEX

WFA Links: Selected Researches

## NetApp Tips ##

SnapVault volume typically have a much longer retention than source volumes, hence they will need to be created larger!

Q: Quota Rule or Tracking Quotas on Volume root for Used Space?
A: Not necessary since default volume stats will suffice.

Q: Fractional Reserve Settings on Thin Provisioned (no space guarantee) Volumes?
A: 0%

Q: Snapshot Reserve at its most simple?
A: For simplicity, consider setting all Snapshot Reserves to 0%, this saves having to adjust Snapshot Reserve depending on the use of retention, also, means departmental teams will see the space used not just by their live data, but also their retention.

## NetApp Troubleshooting ##

vserver security file-directory show -vserver cifs01 -path /vol/cifsvolsn1/foo
vserver security trace trace-result show

Troubleshooting CIFS/Kerberos Issues on CDOT:
secd.log (security daemon.log):
Look for Kerberos errors, also DNS and authentication errors.
SYSVAR-NBLADE (command output from systemshell):
Just shows counters, can look at what is incrementing to identify issues (also sent via ASUP under "SYSCTL-SYSVAR-NBLADE")
mgwd.log (management gateway log):
The majority of processes come here at some point, and if there is a problem here, it may never get to a later process.
Catch all. Nothing specific to look for, but something might catch your attention.

General Action Plan for Protocol Related Issues:
- Start Packet Trace
- Reproduce issue
- Stop Packet Trace

## Veeam ##

## VMware ##

This issue occurs when you expand a virtual disk vmdk file which has Change Block Tracking (CBT) enabled past any 128GB boundary.

To work around this issue:
After having extended the CBT-enabled disks past a 128 GB boundary:
1. Turn off CBT.
2. Take a snapshot (Does suspend/resume).
3. Delete the snapshot (To recover space and performance).
4. Turn on CBT.
5. Take a snapshot (Again with the suspend/resume).
6. Delete the snapshot.

## Web Design Stuff ##