Setting up the Clustered Data ONTAP Simulator 8.2.2P1 on VMware ESXi 5.5

2) Browse down and we’re going to get Simulate ONTAP 8.2.2P1 for VMware ESX for Clustered ONTAP.
3) Click the Clustered-ONTAP link to download the vsim_esx-cm.tgz
4) Once it has downloaded, use 7-Zip or similar to unpack the tgz file
5) Use 7-Zip to unpack the .tar file
6) In your final unpacked folder, you should see a lot of files like this:

Image: vsim_esx-cm.tgz files
7) Via the vSphere Client and the Datastore Browser

Click on the Upload button

Image: vSphere Client Datastore Browser Upload Button
7.1) Click “Upload Folder...”
7.2) Browse to the folder containing the files
7.3) Click OK
7.4) Accept “Yes” to the Upload/Download Operation Warning
7.5) And wait for the folder to upload ...

Image: Waiting for vsim_esx-cm to upload
8) Browse to the newly uploaded folder using the vSphere Datastore Browser

Image: vsim_esx-cm files on the VMware datastore
8.1) Right-click the VMX file
8.2) Select ‘Add to Inventory’ and follow through the wizard

9) Finally, right-click the DataONTAP SIM and ‘Power On’

Image: vSphere Client -> Power on DataONTAP SIM
And we get an error:

Image: Error - Failed to start the virtual machine ... cannot find ... DataONTAP-sim.vmdk
9) Now following the instruction in this community post:

9.1) Remove the disk on IDE (1:1)

Image: Removing IDE (1:1)
Image: Remove from virtual machine and delete files from disk
9.2) And create a new IDE disk on IDE 1:1, 250gb and thin provisioned:

Image: 250GB Thin Provision disk ...
Image: ... on IDE (1:1)
Image: Add Hardware - Ready to Complete ...
10) Take a VMware snapshot before first boot (so we can create a clone from a pre-boot version of the SIM later - and perhaps change the serial number which gets hard set once it has booted beyond boot loader ...)

11) And then power on the VM, and watch it boot!

Image: Booting the DataONTAP SIM in ESXi


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