CIFS Shares Availability Checker PowerShell

I wrote this script a good half a year ago, lost it, and then found it just recently. It’s a very basic check to test "net use" access to a list of shares. Additionally (you can hash the $acls bits out if you don’t want it), we read in the corresponding ACLs too, so if we fail to connect we know what the share ACL was.

$shares = Get-Content SHARES_FILE.TXT
$acls = Get-Content ACLs_FILE.TXT

$i = 0
$shares | foreach {
       Write-Host "Testing share $_" -ForegroundColor Cyan
       & net use T: $_
       $result = $null
       $drives = (Get-PSdrive).Name
       $drives | foreach { if($_ -eq "T"){$result = $true} }
       & net use T: /delete
       If ($result){
              Write-Host "Successfully connected!" -ForegroundColor Green
       } else {
              Write-Host "Failed to connect!" -ForegroundColor Red
              Write-Host ("ACL = " + $acls[$i]) -ForegroundColor Red